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Visiting the snowdrops at Rode Hall


By vicky1


5th March 2010 snowdrop walk

It is a lovely garden, we live only about 5 miles away.
We try to go on the snowdrop walk every year.This year it was lovely as sometimes when we go they are nearly over but this time they were in there prime.

This is a Galanthus I am going to have for our garden
Very large and showy with large petals Galanthus ‘S Arnott’

We always take a photo of the plant and the lable and then we dont loose the notes or forget which it was.
This is one of those metal tags which I am not too keep on .. as they tend to bend.

More lovely snowdrops
they are just so pure.

Some people hug trees for Richard it is monuments lol (maybe he was trying to shelter from the wind lol)

It was sooooo cold My coat would hardly fasten with all the jumpers I had on (Well thats my story lol)

Cyclamen coum were in full flower and looking stunning.

Lovely curving paths giving you plenty of pretty views :)

Going back through the gate

You come to the court yard with the hall on the left.
They dont close the cutains or shutters like some hall do whihc is lovely
But I can see why many do as there were people just up against the glass looking in lol
I think Thats a bit too nosey :) dont you?
It is only a small hall and the family all live there up until a few years ago it was hardly ever, if at all open.
They have a big farmers market there now once a month so I think it must all be helping to keep the hall, even that they do in a charming way with bunting and threaded ribbon through the fences etc.
It must cost a fortune even to look after a small hall
(It quite big really but I think its classed as a small hall, I wouldnt like to clean it!!!)

The hall
I think rick must have had a tipple when he took this! lol
He never offered me any :-(

These were just some pretty steps

This was once a room for paying the workers in I think but it is now open air.
Rather charmingly they have left the wall and fire place etc and made it into an informal court yard.
It was really lovely.

Lovely Garrya or silk tassle bush unfortunately I dont know which one
This is one of the problems I find with gardens that they dont put names on things and it is so frustrating.
Having just said that mine is not labelled for the public yet but I hope it soon will be.
Even the snow drops were not all named infact mixed up, which while it was nice it would have been better to know which they were
but Rhode hall is a family home and not a public garden so I do understand.

Just put this one back on again as it is may favourite picture of the day :)

This is in the wages room again where the fire place was you can see what I ment about just leaveing the wall and windows. It is really pretty.

After all that cold wind we went into the stables and had a nice cup of tea and a piece of ‘her ladyships cake’ ummm very good :)
The coat is even tighter now!!!

You can find out about Rhode hall from the RHS as they have it in the garden under the months events scheme.
If you are RHS members you can get in free for the snow drops I dont know about everything else though.

It is a lovely place to go throughout the year as they do bluebells and other walks throught the year
We only get to this one as we are too busy the rest of the year with our own nursery and events.
I hope you enjoyed it
Sorry it took so long in coming

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Enjoyed your snowdrop walk, it looks a lovely place. I do the same with photographing labels, it saves rumaging around for a notebook, then bending down to read it.

20 Mar, 2010


I enjoyed it, too. So many large clumps of lovely snowdrops. looks like a great place to visit. :-)

20 Mar, 2010


Lovely Snowdrops, I love the 'wages room' being left the way it is, made me think of the film "Far from the madding crowd " when Julie Christie paid the farm hands and shepherds. Anyone else with me on that ?

20 Mar, 2010


Thanks for a lovely walk round the hall gardens love the old fireplace.

20 Mar, 2010


What an interesting place, Vicky - apart from the snowdrops, I mean!

This is the first year that I've had snowdrops in flower at the same time as Narcissi. Isn't that strange!

Sorry, Megan, I haven't seen that film.

20 Mar, 2010


Looks lovely Vicky...thanks for the tour!

20 Mar, 2010


stunning pics Vicky...nice to take some time out...

20 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your comments pleased you enjoyed it
It is strange that you have narcissi and snowdrops Spritz
Our garden is behind yours I feel
I took a lot of photos the other day to do a garden blog for you but the were no narcissi out only a few small leaves.

20 Mar, 2010


What a wonderful place and lovely photos. Thank you. I liked the open air room. Nice they've left it like that.

21 Mar, 2010


looks a lovely place to visit, the snowdrops really are good this year :)

21 Mar, 2010


They are arent they :)

22 Mar, 2010

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