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Take a tour of our Spring garden Part1 - 14th March 2010


By vicky1


Our Garden is looking really bare and empty :(
There are a few bits coming up but they are only small yet.
I will take more pictures next month so that you can see the change
Our Garden is not too old in its present form and we havent finished re-planting it yet but we dont want to rush it.
6 years ago my mum died and I wanted to spend the money on something for us.
So we decided to re-do the garden.
We didnt have unlimited funds but we needed to total alter the levels and everything
Bull dozers and everything came in lol
We live on a hill and it has always been a lovely garden with great views but very hard work.
So this is how it is coming on.

This is starting at the top of the steps on the top patio
on the right is our raised Heuchera bed and on the left is the fish pond.

The fish pond is raised as you can see, we have 10 lovely gold fish and their babies which seem to have made it through so far
Its all a bit bare though yet :(

Our Heuchera raised bed all trimmed back and waiting for sunshine!
This has some Erythroniums in it so looking forward to those this year no sign yet

Heuchera ’marmalde and Phormium. Heuchera looks good thank goodness for them lol

Very sad phormiums hope they recover I need to trim rest back but it hurts my hand they are so strong lol
They make that area look better and cover the ‘party room’ lol

My hot spot not looking very tropical now lol

View across our garden from the not so ‘tropical’ patio lol

Walking across the garden toward the summer house along the raised Heuchera bed they are all looking a mess now as I have trimmed them all up in readyness for a Spring explossion :) I hope ..

As we walk through the garden with our raised Heuchera bed on left the perennial bed is on the right

View of same bed from the lawn

Looking futher along the same bed are my poor Heuchera ‘Southern Comfort’ that got planted out last back end
What a test for them… They made it and have also had a hair cut.

The centre bed that used to be and probalby still is my open wood bit lol
I know its not a wood but its the closest I can have

Some cyclamen coum given to me by my mum from her garden just before she died really precious to me

More coum we have added from wisley ’leaf forms ’and of course some crocus:)

our little love seat

Part of our wood lol soon to be planted with tiarellas

path through the wood lol

looking back to perenial border

Our ‘Kalmia ’Little Linda’ which Richard bought for me and our Rhodo. ‘Scarlet Wonder’

our retreat for coffee and a glass at the end of the day :)

Our newly planted grass border 1 year old now

looking back from the grasses

Looking back towards the Summer house

Our ‘Pipit’ is coming up now :)

Entrance to our garden

Poor Heucheras got eatten alive last back end and had to be trimmed back but they are coming back just hope I got the dreaded catterpiller!

So there you have it Our Garden
Not much there at the moment but I am sure it will change soon (well it already has in 1 week)
Sorry it was so long its only tiny really
I think I love it too much :)

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Just two words....absolutely stunning!!! Mind you'll not have much time in that lovely sunhouse with all that garden to care for. What a nice way to use the money, did you design it yourself?

21 Mar, 2010


Thank you Heron
Yes we did
We had to bash it out a bit between us but it gave both Richard and I what we wanted from our garden and more really
We work it together and choose plants together then when we are finished we collapse together in the Summer house with our glass of wine

21 Mar, 2010


Lovely garden!

21 Mar, 2010


Beautiful garden Vicky, look forward to seeing more pictures of its progress through the year can see its going to look stunning, your mum would be proud :-)

21 Mar, 2010


Love the brick work - It looks so mellow already! You've worked so hard on it all. Yes, please do carry on taking photos as it develops.

I don't suppose you have any 'before' photos, do you?

21 Mar, 2010


yes I do spritz I will have to seek them out
The brocks were all reclaimed Cheshires harder to do but looks good we think too
Please you like it :)

21 Mar, 2010


its wicked Vicky..i live on a hill and love he way you have use the different levels...the phormiums are hard work to cut back but they will soon be back..fingers crossed. your little hideaway looks cozy oo...;-)

21 Mar, 2010


The bricks go perfectly with the house,it's nice to have all those separate beds to work on,you can see your progress and really feel you're getting somewhere.Some areas can feel very daunting they are so large.(Doesn't take much to put me off lol)
How nice to see the cyclamen coming up year after year :))

21 Mar, 2010


It is a credit to you Vicky, and will always remind you of your Mum (lovely cyclamens). I love the hard landscaping, and as Spritz said it looks so mature already. Well worth looking for reclamations.
It will be lovely seeing it again through the summer.
The garden looks very large, is it?

21 Mar, 2010


Have to agree Vicky you have a beautiful garden...

21 Mar, 2010


Your garden is beautiful Vicky, your Mum would be so proud of what you've done. Your careful planning and skills have certainly paid off, it looks really classy.

21 Mar, 2010


Thank you for all the lovely comments
I like the smaller areas like you said Aster its easier to tick them off not so daunting.
Mad it isnt really small but its not huge either. With is being on a hill people dont realise how big it is until they came to garden it that is! lol
When its flat it looks longer and wider where as this garden wraps around the house as well so hard to see it all at once.
When it was naked before we rebuilt it it looked a massive area to us.
Yes I think mum would love it....she would tell me off for spending so much on it but I dont think she would really mind.
Mum love our garden before we did it but she knew that the building were deralict and falling down and that the steps needed doing so I think she would have guessed what I spent her money on.
We put in a tree for mum a flowering cherry and a rowan for Richards Dad he died the year before.
The summer house mum knew I wanted one since I was a little girl and I know she would be thrilled to see me finally have one:-)
It not a sad garden though its a celebration of our parents really
It seemed the best way and they always seem to be there with us :-)
We still have Richards mum and my Dad around and we joke with them and say pick your tree now otherwise we will pick it... They still havent picked lol
I dont know what we will do if we move though !!!

21 Mar, 2010


It's a lovely garden Vicky. I like your pond :-))

22 Mar, 2010


love your garden vicky and your retreat, i could sit for hours there :o))

22 Mar, 2010


Thank you sanbz It is lovely we only get short periods in the spring but it is so restful. It is our favourite place its so quite in there.
Floyd the cat and I go in every morning even when its cold as I have a small heater in there.
He loves it as he can see all the poor birds he wants to get lol
He isnt bery good at catching them which is good :)

29 Mar, 2010


lol vicky sounds like casper, he`s one for trying to get birds to, not succeeded thankfully,, nice to have a special place :o)

30 Mar, 2010


They are funny arent they lol

30 Mar, 2010


i love your garden a lot of hard work must have gone into it .well done.

3 Apr, 2010


Yes it has
It needs a really good weeding again
The weeds are coming up thick and fast everything else seems slower :(
Thank you hollygate :)

5 Apr, 2010


Just found this Vicky and looking forward to seeing it later on, it's a lovely design. Are the slabs Indian sandstone? they look brilliant:-)

24 Apr, 2010


Yes they are
The frost though has taken some of the cement out they will have to be re pointed soon I think
It looks a bit more spring like now.
I had hoped to take more and havetime to put them up but alas the shows have taken over and I will have to show you all photos of the shows etc in the winter lol
Maybe an odd one or two of the garden too. :)

30 Apr, 2010


You have a really lovely garden Vicky, I look forward to reading more of your blogs. :o)

28 Aug, 2010


wow, I bet it looks completely different now Vicky, but it looked lovely and really tidy then too! Its amazing to think that our gardens were this sparse only two months ago, when you look at the change to what is going on out there now! Will you be at Chelsea this year Vicky? I am going on the Tuesday so hope to see you there. I have four or five heucheras, but I really want a lovely green one for contrast! I should go and look at the website and order one from you!.......

12 May, 2011


Beautiful your mom would be proud

25 Jan, 2013

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