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Box Blight


By vileve


To day I had to destroy my Box ‘Cloud tree’ that I had grown from a normal Buxus shrub a few years ago, that was getting too big, …it had three lovely ‘balls’ …the leaves had gone pale and white…I must now get rid of the main stems and root as I don’t think it will ‘regenerate’ with healthy foliage…the ground is still far too hard to dig it out at the moment so must wait for lots more rain! it was so pleasant working outside though..sunny and warm. I’m glad it was only one plant…some people have lost whole hedges with this blight…such a shame.

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Oh dear, can't give this a Like! How sad, after all those years of care.

11 Aug, 2018


Sorry to hear of your Buxus shrub. It's sad when a plant dies, especially one that we've cared for for a long time.

11 Aug, 2018

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