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Well, the weather was quite nice today so I thought I’d trim the Clematis off the fence along with the wayward bits of passionflower. Then I got to the vine and ended up with quite a pile of clippings. I’ve decided that the vine (Vitis coignetiae) needs to be a little smaller as it has wandered a long way from its root. I’ve pruned each lateral to 2inches from the main stems. I know that this is a large vine but I’m determined to tame it! It will only be allowed one stem along the fence but I have left 3 as some die back quite a long way over the winter and you can guarantee that I’ll cut off all the good ones and leave a dead one in place! Then I will choose just one in early spring.
The Garrya has just started to elongate its catkins. The oriental Hellebores are just beginning to show their new flower shoots at ground level so I have cut off all the old leaves. These get black fungal marks on that can only be reduced by clearing away the old leaves.
The primroses are starting to get flower stalks too, very early.
The Winter cherry has its first crop of pink flowers…who says that the garden is shutting down for winter!!

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I'd love you to come and tame mine, please! It wanders off the pergola into any neighbouring trees and shrubs every year. Doesn't it grow quickly! Once its tendrils are round a stem, it's impossible to untwine it, so out come the steps and my secateurs...

My baby winter Cherry has a few flowers, too. I wish it would grow a bit faster!

AND I have a flower on my Christmas Hellebore! A bit chewed, yes, but definitely a flower!

19 Nov, 2008


I never think the garden is shut down for the winter. It's an all-year-round thing.
In my old garden I had a winter cherry. It started flowering in Nov and went right through to April. It often had a few fls in summer too.
When I moved all the cuttings I took failed. I miss it.

20 Nov, 2008

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