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Hello everyone. Firstly can I say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent such supportive messages since I told you about my husband, Richard’s shock diagnosis. For the past weeks, it’s been one test after another, first at one hospital, then another. We’ve then had the awful waiting time to see what they have decided is the best path to take.
We knew he had a cancer in his bowel and another in his lung, but until all the results were in, no decisions could be taken as to which to tackle first…and how.
This week, we’ve finally got a plan. He begins a 5 weeks course on Wednesday, of Radiochemotherapy, five days a week for the full 5 weeks. He then has to have a ‘rest’ period, of 8/10 weeks while the body recovers. In that time, if he hasn’t reacted too badly to the treatment, they will admit him to hospital for the growth on his lung to be removed. Afterwards, once the ‘rest’ period is over, he will be readmitted, this time to have that part of his bowel, which is affected, removed. We’re looking at a period of approx 20 weeks. A long road, but I’m sure we’ll get there.
Signs of spring are everywhere and that’s helping us both. I can’t wait for summer, when it should be all over and he’s well on the way to recovery.
Thank you all for your support and I’ll keep you posted on his progress. xx

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Waddy I'm so sorry all this is happening, no wonder you're not sleeping properly, who would, praying all goes well with your husbands treatment over the coming months, it does seem a lot and long way to go but needs must, life can be a bitch at times, going to be very tiring for both of you, as you say spring is on its way, new beginnings with good things to look forward to, hoping that's the way with you and your hubby, remember you have to take care of yourself as well...xx

8 Feb, 2018


I was going to say that's good, but I mean good that you now have a focused plan and that the prognosis looks so positive.
I do hope he responds well with few side effects and that you both are able to enjoy the garden. Make sure you take all the help that is offered, it can be very draining on the spouses too/
lots of love xx

8 Feb, 2018


Yes, at least you now know what you have to face. We will all be thinking of you. Xx

8 Feb, 2018


Thanks for letting us know. I hope all goes well.
You have a long journey ahead but you will make it. We will be with you along the way, if not in person then in thought x

9 Feb, 2018


Poor chap.Good thing he has you to support him. Hang on in there.

9 Feb, 2018


You now know what has to be done and when it will be done which must be better than all the wondering and waiting.
It is so daunting for both of you.
We are all behind you and hoping that together you will deal with each day as it comes and get through each one.
Sending my love to you.

9 Feb, 2018


Its easy for us to talk, but 'think positive' seems to be the secret that works for most.
Something like Bjs does when painting. Occupies the mind
full time.

10 Feb, 2018


Get an A3 sketch pad and a set of Sketching Pencils from the Art Shop. Remember a pencil rubber and a sharpener from the check out lady. Sharpen the pencils to a bayonet point, then you can turn them on their side, and put the shady parts in depending where you want the sun to shine. Try to sketch something you love, like a
motor bike or a train if you are mechanically minded. I love mountains. Or.

Choose a bit of stone off the garden. Its your own subject.
I am just sketching a bit of limestone enlarged to
fit the page. Draw the outline in light dashes so that you can alter the shape if its not right.
Its great fun.
Look for the shady parts and gently smooth them in with the side of the A4 pencil. There is your mountain/train/motor bike !

I am hoping my hill will be in Iran or Turkey, then I can put some Auriculas growing on the high places where they have been found for 400 years !

10 Feb, 2018


Hope all goes well for your husband and you. It is a very worrying time but hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

10 Feb, 2018


It would help your husband if you get a set of watercolour
crayons from the art shop for him to use.

He could colour a sketch in with a dry crayon, then using a brush carefully wash over with moist clean water to activate the colour.
Then allow the sketch pad to dry. It all passes the time
My cars all end up looking like old ones, but its fun.
Havent tried trains.

10 Feb, 2018


All the very best for the coming months, Waddy. You know now what has been decided and the road to recovery can start.

10 Feb, 2018


Working on my 'mountain' today I am thinking sketching pencils are easier, as they are softer. A small sketch pad doesnt take up much room. Theres lots of things to view from a hospital bed that can be carefully formulated if there is nothing else to think about. Fruit bowls, grapes,
other patients books and bags etc.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

11 Feb, 2018


Thanks again everyone. Richard has now had two lots of Radiochemotherapy and so far, touch wood, he's ok. Of course there is a long way to go. 23 more sessions, but we're looking on the positive side. Each session is a stepping-stone to him being fully cancer free.

Diane; Thank you for your tips, but I'm not particularly artistic...and my OH definitely isn't, but it was a nice thought.

15 Feb, 2018


Waddy , I am thinking of you both and hope that when all the treatment has finished and he is cancer free, get away on a lovely holiday and put all of this behind you ! Wishing you both all the luck in the world !
Stay positive ! xxx

15 Feb, 2018


Thinking of you both now the treatment is set out for him. I know how you feel to be pitched into this scenario. A hill to climb of heroic size and time. It is marvellous what can be done. I prayed like mad, even though I'm not in the least religious.

15 Feb, 2018


Thanks again everyone. So far no adverse effects from the treatment apart from a little tiredness.

Dorjac; I know exactly what you mean. I'm not religious either, but I've caught myself praying.

17 Feb, 2018

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