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Technology gone wrong


By waddy


Just over a week ago our broadband dropped and despite my best efforts I couldn’t get it back. After contactingour supplier we were firstly told that our cordless phones were the causing the problem (we’ve had them 10yrs)
We went out and bought new ones once Curry’s reopened. The problem was still there. After 4 more phone calls visits by both BT and Sky engineers, a new phoneline and fixing a fault on the broadband line we were finally fixed.
When technology goes wrong these days we are left adrift it’s hard to imagine how we ever managed without it.
During these uncertain times many of us have been keeping in touch with family through video chats. It makes me realise how much worse things would have been for so many of us without technology.

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Youโ€™re so right, Julia. We currently enjoy seeing friends with Zoom, and I can talk to (and see) my Aussie family on Skype. It would be so much harder without the technology!

26 Jun, 2020


Jolly old BT and Sky at it again I see! We played this game, one blames the other, threats of massive charges for an engineer to call. Phone too close to the input and the router, new phones - no different. End result, a faulty line by BT, changed onto another and no further problem. You have to keep nagging, however frustrating and time consuming it can be.

26 Jun, 2020


OH is like a dog with 2 tails now that BT has finally installed 150Mb broadband this week. He's only been waiting 35 years...

26 Jun, 2020


I often wonder what we did without it ! I say "we" as my hubby doesn't even like using the phone and wouldn't know what to do with a laptop or mobile phone ! Hahaa!

27 Jun, 2020


We would have been lost Waddy, every second Saturday we have Family Quiz Night on Zoom, not just us but family from all around the country join in, its helped get all of us through the last weeks, something for everyone to enjoy, even the grandchildren and great nieces and nephews join in, obviously they don't stay up until the early hours for the drinking and laughs that go on afterwards....Glad all is well again now...

27 Jun, 2020


I'm glad you got it sorted out, people depend so much on technology now. It's a lifeline for most people ....
Personally I am almost as bad as Rose's husband :D

27 Jun, 2020


IT is great until it goes wrong & then it's so irritating you begin to wish you never had it. I'm glad you are up & running again. It reminds me of the little girl in the nursery rhyme. " When she was good, she was very very good & when she was bad she was horrid."

30 Jun, 2020


Thank you for all your comments
Sheila, I use WhatsApp or Facetime to speak to my family, especially the grandchildren I haven't quite got the hang of Zoom,I think I need to rectify that.

Honeysuckle : I have to admit to having to bite my tongue a few times, but everyone I spoke to were so polite it was hard to tay angry for too long.

Angel: If I understood what a mb was it might help!! Glad your husband's happy though.

Rose: My OH is just as bad. His mobile phone is so old I think they stopped making them years ago. It's a PAYG, and costs him a max ยฃ5 for the year. As for his computer, it's an old one of mine and is at least 20yrs old. He knows how to turn it on and off and how to find his recipes, but he can't print them out or save anything..that's left to me lol!

Lincslass : I have a friend who had to isolate during the whole of the current situation. The one thing which has kept her sane has been the weekly Zoom quiz with her family. They all 'share' a drink and a meal together. It all sounds marvellous and such fun.

Hywel: Is it a man thing do you think :-))

Feverfew : You're so right!

1 Jul, 2020


At the risk of being laughed at I will confess I have an old Pay as you go NOKIA mobile phone, our desktop computer is about 10 years old and, as for husband's mobile, it flips open like something out of Star Trek! Beam us up ..... ha ha!

As our daughter may be moving to New York next year, I feel I really should invest in a Smartphone, learn all about Facetime/Skype/Zoom etc. ... anybody else ready to confess their ancient technology?

1 Jul, 2020


I don't think it's to do with gender Julia, it's just that some people are technically minded and some people are garden minded :)
I know which one I am hahaha

1 Jul, 2020


At least your hubby has got a computer and mobile! Rick wouldn't get one even if his life depended on it ! Hahaa!

2 Jul, 2020


Rose, our neighbour is just the same. As he says, what do I need that for when I've got a perfectly good telephone in the house!

3 Jul, 2020


Shirley, I think Richard's phone is an old Nokia and a flip phone is still fairly modern lol!
I have a smartphone, but I must confess there are things on it I've no idea how to work. ..but keep that between us will you? ๐Ÿ˜

4 Jul, 2020


Hywel, I agree. I try to keep up with technology, but have to admit it does leave my behind a lot of the time,

4 Jul, 2020


Rose, to be honest, Richard's mobile is rarely charged up. In the past, pre-Covid if I went out I use to ask him to make sure his mobile was charged if he went out, while I was away...he didn't often take much notice! I know he wouldn't have one at all if I didn't nag him. The computer is so old, I think it's steam driven!!!

4 Jul, 2020


Waddy, your secret's safe with me! ... :o))

5 Jul, 2020


I have an old mobile phone (not smart!) and love my iPad. If anything goes wrong I have a โ€œtechieโ€ OH to ask ... well, computers came in when he was 17 so heโ€™s grown up with them and is never fazed. Iโ€™m hopeless ๐Ÿ™‚.

6 Jul, 2020


Thanks Shirley, I owe you๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

6 Jul, 2020


Sheila, how lucky are you? You're own private reckie!

6 Jul, 2020


Looks like the the Techies gremlins are at it again Sheila lol!!

7 Jul, 2020



8 Jul, 2020

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