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Vanished Pictures


By waddy


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone else experienced the vanishing pictures on GOY?
I can’t find any or Avatars connected to members either

Julia x

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I have had that happen in the past Waddy but just checked and all is okay at my end, I'm useless at the teccie side but when it happened one time to me, it was something to do with my media settings on my laptop, can you see pictures on your other pages or is it just Goy?..

26 Sep, 2020


Oh dear,Hope you can get them back ,Julia..Mine are ok here ,so as I'm useless on the techy side too,I can't help you either. At least we know Messenger /F B are fine,so it must be just Goy.. x

26 Sep, 2020


I think your browser (explorer) is doing it. It is now obsolete and you have to download one of the newer ones. I use "Edge" for Microsoft windows. No problem.
When I use Explorer, I have the same problem.
Maybe you can try and see if it makes difference. You can switch between browsers easily.

26 Sep, 2020


Hi everyone, I can see pictures on all my other social network sites I use and I've not changed anything in my settings.

Wasn't this the reason Cottagekaren gave up?

26 Sep, 2020


Shirley Tulip and Amy have had the same problem. Apparently it's something to do with Microsoft Edge but it's sorted out with them now. Have you got that Julia ?
Maybe they can explain it to you.

26 Sep, 2020


Hello Julia, I had this issue for a couple of days so consulted daughter who sorted it out in minutes!

We have Google Chrome as our browser, our e-mails and favourite sites all working fine, just GoY not responding well.

She suggested going to Microsoft Edge, just for GoY, and hey presto ... normal service resumed! I have to exit GoY when I've finished though and return to Google Chrome. Do I know why? Of course I don't have a clue ... :o))

Good luck!

26 Sep, 2020


Quite a few members here have complained about odd things happening - being locked out altogether - vanishing pictures and blogs and such. For the life of me, I can't comprehend how these things happen except try sending Dave an email.

26 Sep, 2020


I find it really strange as it's the same on all my devices, phone, tablet and laptop. I don't want to change anything as I'm wondering if I will lose things other than picture on GOY ☹️

27 Sep, 2020


I am so sorry that you have this problem on here.

I too have a different problem on GoY.
When I send a private message using my iPad it will only let me write about 2 lines and then completely seizes up! It is infuriating but I guess it is my iPad's fault , probably overloaded!

27 Sep, 2020


I use Edge for everything except my photo storage on my mobile, that is Google Images, which I can then view on any device, I like Edge and have never had any problems with it..

27 Sep, 2020


Shirley, I found it interesting that you have a problem using Chrome. That throws my theory out the window. Chrome is a Google's browser (I do not have) . I know that Microsoft said they are not going to support Explorer any longer and some sites will even tell you that you need to change it to be able view their content. The new Microsoft Edge seems to be the most modern browser. I also use Firefox in some cases.
Now, I am interested to know which browser are you using Waddy? You can easily switch between browsers so if you do not like one then you can go back (click on the other) . There is a slight difference in look and function though.

27 Sep, 2020


Hi Julia I had the same problem my daughter fixed it using Microsoft Edge If you have Windows 10 you should have Microsoft Edge ..I've sent you a PM x ...

27 Sep, 2020


Sorted! Thank you everyone for your advise/help. I've used Microsoft Edge and all the pictures are back yippee!! But why did it change in the first place? 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' I firmly believe in that.

27 Sep, 2020


Well done Julia ... I like your new avatar too!

27 Sep, 2020


That's great,Julia. I've found it very good ,so hope that's tha last of the Gremlins..well,almost,don't forget I'm meeting you tomorrow!! ha ha xx

27 Sep, 2020


Brilliant Waddy, as to why its changed its new technology , works faster and more reliable, forced the others out, my laptop is a new one so Microsoft Edge was already installed, luckily we had already changed our old setups to Edge so I was used to it... no doubt in a couple of years we'll be changing yet again

28 Sep, 2020


I also had Microsoft Edge on my laptop, but I hadn't used it...not having any need to. Anyway, it's nice to see you all and your gardens again. :-)

30 Sep, 2020


As this is happening to me Waddy and have a chrome book, how do I get Microsoft Edge. I am not technically minded!
But I have had this at least a year with no problems with goy!

1 Oct, 2020


Hi Rose, I hope you're sorted. I have sent you a PM. xx

4 Oct, 2020

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