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58 years old going on 30. Married, one son, two grand daughters. Re-started growing my own veg this year after a very long absence due to work and T.A. committments. Started digging up the border last year. Got rid of tons of couch grass and mares tail. Put down bags and bags of compost and manure. Growing oinions (Sturon - not a bad crop), Leeks (Musselborough - still growing strong), Cabbage (Protolov - still growing strong), Perpetual Spinach (eating it every weekend,) Sweetcorn (Sundance - I think - nearly ready for picking) Spuds (Red Duke of York - disappointing crop due to rain) Tomatoes (given by a friend - blight did for them) (Peas (Kelvedon - slugs got first lot. Second lot went down a few weeks ago in a different place and doing well), beetroot (Boltardy doing OK) Carrotts (failed miserably. Just didn't take)

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  • Demi and Zoe with Molly the Dolly

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