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Horse tail, cat tale.


By weeds11


Tuesday: Old Dan, my horse who thinks he’s a dog came to hustle me for treats this morning at feeding time; he had two tails. His own, and a soggy, muddy, lost kitten. Baby kitty was following Dan as fast as he could across the pasture – about twenty kitty steps to one horse-sized step. Where’d he come from? Don’t know. Why did he think Dan might be his long lost mother? Don’t know that either.

When the Dan stopped to do horse business the kitty stopped at a discrete distance and waited. I held my breath when Dan moseyed back toward the barn and walked toward the kitty, but Dan just stepped over him and the kitty turned around and followed him again.
That was when Kitty saw me. This kitty, who was following the horse quietly, came to me squalling, “Can’t you see I’m in trouble here? …DO something!” I scooped his noisy little body up and tucked him inside my coat. Uck, kitty tracks, mud and all other nature of dirty, rain-soaked kitty and various barnyard stuff all over my shirt! He didn’t quit squalling until he started to get warm and then he finally settled down. Poor baby.
I already have two other cats who think they are sufficient unto our household. The minute I pulled Kitty out of my coat, they decided that a supplementary cat would not be needed. Such a fuss! Hissing and growling every time the kitty moved. I will say in the defense of my resident felines, that as vocal and appalled as they were, no claws were unsheathed.

Wednesday: Abigail has decided that the whole thing is my fault and I am not allowed to pet her anymore, nor would she sit on my lap. If I even look at Fritter, he glares at me with ears and eyes in “owl” positions.

Sorry about this out of focus pix but it really says it all about Frits opinion!

Thursday: The hissing and growling has subsided. Abby and Fritter only hiss if they come nose to nose with Kitty.

Friday: Abby hangs around nearby and watches when Kitty plays with the ball. You can see she is aching to join in but is pretending to be dignified.

Saturday: All is well in the Catdom.

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wonderful story

13 May, 2009


Hi Kmccue, thanks.
Just took a look at your profile, looks like you and I are about the same place in our garden experience. Athough looking at your clematis I think you are a bit ahead of me in terms of clematis's and green thumbs. :-)

13 May, 2009


Weedy.....I LOVE your new Kitty. He/she is sooooo cute. Are you going to keep it? Poor little thing. He sure knew who to come to when he was lost. :o)

13 May, 2009


What a Lovely ending 2 a Fab Story Weeds :) Im sure theyl all be best buddies now :) Your Dan sounds super 2 :)

13 May, 2009


~welcome to the new addition to your family!

13 May, 2009


Pleased to see all’s well in catdom such a sweet little kitty, good to know He /she has adopted a good home.:0)

13 May, 2009


He knew where to come and judging by that last pic he now has some friends as well as new home.........

13 May, 2009


thats brilliant, what beautiful cats you have, and now an adorable kitten too

x x x

13 May, 2009


Gilli, He is a him. Took me a few days to figure that out, he didn't take kindly to being turned upsidedown and he's very furry.

Jacque, the new baby has added spice to Abby and Fritter's mundane lives.

Arlene, Ha Ha! You don't even ask whether I will keep him or know what a soft touch I am.

Hello, Sueb and Mookins.
I didn't think I needed another cat but sometimes life just makes my decisions for me.

Linclass, I wonder how long it will be before he thinks he owns me?

13 May, 2009


I too rescued a cat from some stables near us - 3 of his little brothers had died under the hooves. So this scrawney thing full of hedgehog fleas, horsemuck etc came to live with us one Christmas (we called him Cadbury because of the chocolates around!!) 18 years we had him and he was the friendliest cat you could ever meet - when i did my avon round he would follow me and stop off at the pub for his cheese an onion crisps and even pick up bits of aluminium foil for you to chuck back at him (I think because he didnt grow up around other cats he wasnt sure what he was!!) Lovely story - fingers crossed for your little kitty and I hope you have as many lovely years with him!

13 May, 2009


Cats are Fab :) i love your story 2 Genuissy ,When i walk my Summer i get Febe & Puss 2 of my cats following me 2 lol

13 May, 2009


What a brill story, so pleased he as a good home.

13 May, 2009


Genuiss, beautiful story. What a great cat Cadbury was! We have not named kitty yet, at first because I thought his owner might come to collect him. Now I'm having trouble coming up with something that fits him.

Jacque, My Abby cat is my garden cat...she walks on the fence, swings in the swing, helps me dig in the beds, hides in the bushes and jumps out at me. She loves having the kitty out there now. Fritter is my "watch-cat."

Thanks, Clarice. Yes he'll be coddled like the rest of my

13 May, 2009


weeds...All I did was plant the clamatis in full sun and watered it when nature didn't. Nothing else and it rewards me with this display which is now the 3rd year it has been this full of blooms.

13 May, 2009


I just bought a new one. I'm anxious to see how it does. I followed the directions that I found on the internet for planting it. It has sun and water... should work!
I had to no choice but to move the last one I had and it stuggled for a year but the horrible winter we had this year finally did it in.

13 May, 2009


~what a lovely blog~cat's know when they are well off so he is going to be a permanent fixture~he will have to have a good name as he seems quite feisty!

13 May, 2009


well what are the possibilities??? Little Dan in honor of his leader? Drifter? Sparky...put spark back into Abby and Fritters life. Do let us know what you name him.

13 May, 2009


Arlene and Kmccue, You'd think I could come up with a name for one scrawny kitty. There are millions of possibilities. Nothing seems ro fit.
I'm thinking...thinking...thinking. Ow that hurts my head!

14 May, 2009


Arlene and Kmccue,
Named the kitty Magoo, (McGeough/McGough - names both related to the name for horse or horse king in gaelic) I've been researching an ancestor of Roger's in Cavan, Ulster, Ireland. Stumbled on this name and pronounciation and it fit. What do you think?

16 May, 2009


~That's really fitting~I can see him growing into that with Mags for short.
Our boxer was called Magnum and he often got Mags!

16 May, 2009


I like it. Mr. Magoo............. LOL

16 May, 2009


Yep, my animals always end up with nicknames, too.
So far he hasn't figured out it's him.

17 May, 2009'll have to get him a pair of Mr. Magoo glasses!! :o)

18 May, 2009


Yes, glasses, I'll work on that. and post a picture. ~OO~
Havent' found any pictures of Mr. Magoo actually wearing glasses.

18 May, 2009


I thought he wore glasses....but maybe you're right, now I come to think of it.....Hmmmmm......I feel a google search coming on........

19 May, 2009


I found one or two of him wearing glasses but most pics he isn't.

19 May, 2009


A darling story, they R tuned in to a soft heart that cares & deals out tons of love. He is a cute one 4 sure.

31 May, 2009


He is a sweet kitty. Keeps me entertained!

1 Jun, 2009


Hey...I turn my back and you collect another cat!...loved the story...and the pictures...I would like to be a cat in your home too...he knew what he was doing..and I am sure that Dan told Magoo to follow him and he would take him to you...he knows you love cats...
so cute...

2 Jun, 2009


He gave me a big scare yesterday, and used up one of his lives. I was working in my office upstairs and I heard a desparate meow. Both other cats raced downstairs to him. Magoo only meows out loud when he's in trouble, so I knew something was wrong. I found him tangled in the string hanger that is attached to his scratching board. The string was so tight around his neck that I had to cut him loose. Poor kitty.

2 Jun, 2009


Oh dear...I have had cats do things like that....scares them and you both half to glad he is ok...sounds like a precious curious

3 Jun, 2009


He came downstairs today dragging a great big plastic bag that came on my new keyboard, holding his neck stretched out to keep it out from under his feet. He had to jump in the box then jump out dragging it. Wish I'd seen that process.
Had to get an new desktop computer tower for the office cause my old one quit. If I ever find out who designed the Vista OS...It won't be pretty! (My old version of Photoshop is so outdated it won't load on it. Bummer, can't afford to update that or buy a new one...

9 Jun, 2009


darn that has to be frustrating...I am still using XP,,,and I know if I switched..I think my version would be outdated too..
Love to hear about Mr. Curious...what fun and entertainment!

9 Jun, 2009


glad he is alright~sounds as though he was lucky!
We have had Harv to the vet today and they found nothing obviously wrong with his leg/shoulder but he is still limping.We may have to arrange an appointment with a specialist centre with diagnostic facilities~it has already cost quite a lot and no further forward~wish we had gone to a specialist earlier~
Sorry that you are having such a problem with your computer set up~is it sorted yet?

9 Jun, 2009

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