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Long time

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Hi all
Have just returned to UK after many many months down under.
Fabulous holiday travelling around part of Western Australia in a motorhome and then to NSW where we lived a few years ago for a couple of years.
So glad we missed the horrible winter and hope none of you have had any real disasters. We have lost a few azaleas, our 2 rosemary plants and a few trees have been either topped or at least had a few branches broken with the sheer weight of snow we guess. (our house gutters have also fallen off!).
However our onions, garlic and potatoes have all stored well (Lakeland should be congratulated for that!), also we left quite a lot of parsnips along with the leeks in the ground and happily they are all proving great eating.
Now really enthusiastic to get stuck back into the veggie plot and at least the last few days have been lovely and sunny though forecast for this coming week sound a trifle chilly.
Potatoes and white and red onions are in, some peas and broad beans sown and the greenhouse has many trays of assorted veg sown too. Think I am way behind but just keeping fingers crossed.
Meanwhile enjoying lots of cold stewed rhubarb for breakfast!
Happy gardening.

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I hope you have a successful year in your garden. I don't think you are very far behind because the weather has been so terrible this year and everything is very slow anyway.

9 May, 2010

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