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I shouldnt be let out alone ! I had to go to see the Doctor this morning or believe me I would not have been out ,I was happily waddling through the High Street on the way home with the sleet pounding down when I stupidly looked into Poundstretchers shop window and there was a man setting up all this years garden stuff , did I continue walking by ? no ! in I went for a wee look and out I came several minutes later with a pkt of Geranium seeds , now my hubby doesnt know so dont go telling him or im in big trouble ! if there is one thing I dont need its another packet of seeds , ive just sown them and got them on top of the fish tank to germinate , ive also sown Begonia seeds , they are SO small ! there is 750 seeds in the small tube ,ive never grown them before so plz wish me luck .

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A tip for sowing very small seed - mix it with some sand and it'll be easier to see and ensure an even spread when you sow it

10 Jan, 2008


good luck, and i did laugh reading your story, i am just the same, i have to hide B&Q and homebase reciepts all the time so my other half wont get wind of what garden plants and accessories i have been spending all of his hard erned cash on! lol the problem is i don't even need to leave the house to do it! on a windy and rainy day like today - after fixing the roof back on the greenhouse as it blew off! -lucky its not a glass one! anyway getting back to the point, i have been shopping for seeds and willow screening on the internet! i think i have a bit of an obsession lol - having a computer i think is even worse - you can buy anything from anywhere on here! thank the lord for GOY at least i can get my gardening fix without spending any money! lol

10 Jan, 2008


Weemama, I think you should have a chat with Marksbegonias and get some hints on growing Begonias from seed! I am just a bad, as you all well know. Today as it was pouring down outside, I cheered myself up by going through the plug plant sections of various catalogues - and it will be very hard to rein myself in! Mouthwatering pictures of peaches and cream Verbenas, gold and purple Anagallis and oh dear, I can't resist some colour-co-ordinated packs of plants! (Look in Dobies...) The total is horrendous! Trouble is, I have to fill my tubs,well, don't I? Please agree with me and help my conscience....

10 Jan, 2008


My double tuberous Begonias are all grown from cuttings taken off the plants. I have never grown from seed, yet! I have ordered some Begonia Luxurians seed to have a go with this year. I have been reading about growing from seed here, and couldn't resist having a go!

11 Jan, 2008

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