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Still Life


By wells


I am interested in a quality of seeing that presents itself with plant life. It is nature’s arrangement, a moment caught in time. We wish to capture this with our sight and other senses. Our minds become vague with so many images, and actually, the mind can only hold onto details of sight for a very short time. One longs to see the flower, the plant, the painting again. In our present age of the camera, never mind all the other devices, some of this longing is satisfied. Some photos are merely excellent records which are very useful.
Many photos i have seen on this site transcend record making. They are still-life in its many plant forms. To try to capture that singular glorious moment, so to be once again, seeing. As though for the first time…

This blog is my vision for you.

The Herald of Spring

The summer begins

Wild Flowers of Pawlet Vermont.

My Garden In Pawlet

Nature’s Sunset over Vermont

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Beautiful pictures and what an amazing place to live. Love the wild flowers you get around you. Must be amazing to stroll along seeing all those beautiful colours. :O)

6 Aug, 2013


I agree with Olive your garden is wonderful. I wander round my garden with an artists eyes. I never paint my garden as it is my escape from painting. Painting is my job .......the garden is my passion. I love taking photographs which catch a moment in time. I average six months per painting it is thousands of moments in time.

6 Aug, 2013


Look at your flowers Wells. Go into the house and remember what you have seen. See them again in your mind.
This is training the memory to record flowers, sunsets,
Look up at the sky, count 9 colours.
Look away.
Then look back at the sky, and count 9 more.

When you go to bed tonight, think about your garden,
and remember what you saw today.

Your memory recall will be stronger for doing this.

6 Aug, 2013


beautiful photos, lovely blog.

6 Aug, 2013


What beautiul images, Wells, and a thought-provoking blog. Thank you!

6 Aug, 2013


Thank you Posy. You have desribed 'it' exactly. I couldn't have put it better myself, and what you have written will help me now with both my photos and my painting! :))))

6 Aug, 2013


I think you will have had many of us thinking differently now Posy - I am not an artist but do love to look at what others capture through the lens of their camera and some on here are incredibly good at it and their photos need no words.

6 Aug, 2013


Superbly worded blog, with wonderful pictures. You certainly have an 'eye' for colour and vision. I loved looking through the pictures after reading your thoughts.
I'm afraid I can't paint for toffee, so I rely on my trusty camera.

7 Aug, 2013


Diane, Did you think of this memory aid on your own? I am very curious as there are so many different approaches to helping the memory. My perspective is a bit different, Since the camera etc. can record, why would one make a system to remember?

7 Aug, 2013


Scottish, Isn't the lens and all this high-fangled equipment great for us. But I still think that one moment of seeing a flower etc at the first the most exciting and miraculous.

7 Aug, 2013


You are not wrong. When you think of the images that a little mobile phone can take, there really is no need to miss out on lots of special moments - not just in the garden!
I'm always fascinated when I first see a flower come into bloom - being a member on GOY has me looking at plants like I never would have before.

7 Aug, 2013


i liked what you wrote and i loved seeing your beautiful garden through your eyes....

i have my photos of the flowers i have taken in picture frames hanging on my walls so that i can give them a glance now and again....then i sit and reflect on that moment.... periodically i change them...depending on my mood at the time of this change they can be winter scenes...and so on....
once again thank you.....

from Jane....

2 Oct, 2013


How I love your introduction Wells, in fact it has moved me to tears. Such serenity and beauty....a joy to the soul...loved it, put on faves so I can reread whenever I want.....:))

8 Dec, 2013


Forgot to say, love the Elephant Hawkmoth there too.....such a colourful one, though your US type looks to be a tad paler than ours here.

11 Dec, 2013

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