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Finally Fall in Vermont


By wells


Perhaps this is the Fall that everyone has waited for many years. It was a photographer’s delight, and I am sure will be on every calendar for October. The trees were full, the leaves more vivid, and everything turned at the same time. Here are a few pictures of these glorious five days.

Of course, the ubiquitous squashes

Yellow light over the mountain

The grasses with their splendid tassels

Full trees, almost bursting with leaves. Cool,wet spring-very dry summer ?

The foliage is not so visible,but the slate ponds are extremely beautiful from the blue sky. Pawlet used to supply the slate for many houses. Today it is too expensive to use slate for the roof.

Coming up our drive, after sunset.

the delicate artistry of the broadbean tendrils.

Various sunflowers of Fall

My fall Garden

Until next Spring…

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WOW absalutely stunning thankyou for sharing the beauty.

22 Oct, 2015


Beautiful love the mist over the mountains stunning pictures :O)

22 Oct, 2015


The leaves and views are spectacular but my favourite pic is the bean tendrils!

22 Oct, 2015


lovely watching the seasons...

22 Oct, 2015


nice pics really nice

22 Oct, 2015


Fabulous photos Posy :)

23 Oct, 2015


What fantastic views you have from your house! Where we live we only have a view of the houses on the other side of the road - which, fortunately is quite wide. We live in a very flat area of the UK without any mountains & hardly a pimple for a hill!

23 Oct, 2015


Balcony, you have the gift of the Amaryllis. I am no where near your expertise! We do have the view of views, but a lot of ledge and stone goes with it...

24 Oct, 2015


Vermont is a real destination this time of year. I'll take a couple jugs of maple syrup. I love it in all seasons. Liked the slate pond pics and there various shades of blue.

24 Oct, 2015


What amazing photos the views are nothing short of spectacular! You could easily put together a calendar and perhaps sell it for a charity?

24 Oct, 2015


Lovely views, the slate pond, mist on the mountain & the view from your drive are my favourites.

25 Oct, 2015


Beautiful pictures of your fall Wells.

29 Oct, 2015


Just stunning Posy, how wonderful living in a paint box! I watched an amazing nature programme last week, all about the Autumn trees in Vermont, just incredible.....
My favourite pic is coming up your drive after sunset, such beauty.....

16 Feb, 2016


Yes - saw the same programme Janey - we're so lucky that cameramen roam the world taking wonderful pictures of nature at its finest. Loved the Arctic programme too (or was it the Antarctic?!).

Posy's photos are just as spectacular :))

17 Feb, 2016


Does it really only last five days??

17 Feb, 2016


Aren't we just Sheila...that's just what I said to Mum, I'd love to go to Vermont, but then to watch programmes like that, we can sit in the warm and still enjoy it!
Think it was the islands off Norway...Svalborg? Sheila.....mmmm.....too cold for me!!

I had to go back and read that Stera....if it does, I wonder why?

18 Feb, 2016


Yes, you are right Janey, the programme was filmed in Svalbard (?) (probably five different ways of spelling it - you know these Scandinavians!)

21 Feb, 2016


That's right, knew it was something like that.....I have a friend who loves the cold and snow, doesn't like heat or warm sunny holidays?? Her ideal holiday is husky running (each to their own!)

21 Feb, 2016


So e wonderful views and lucky you are to live in such an a amazing place....

8 Oct, 2016

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