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A second look at the end of Fall 2015


By wells


Just as I was thinking we might get some winter, it still seems like some season I don’t ever remember. The temperature hovers around 40 degrees. I have not seen anyone in a coat or pair of gloves. So thought I would go back to Fall….

Just Before the Fall Colors

Blue Asters and Alyssum

Early morning Cobwebs

The colors remind me of Fall. You will see some odd birds and a waterfall if you look closely.

My Grand-daughter, Maggie and new sister, Leah

Detail of Fall grass tops

Early morning mist from the Deck

White Pine Topiary-15 years old

Color closeup

Misty Morning

Last flowers

Just a dusting on the high mountains

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Some lovely pictures, especially the misty morning on the has real atmosphere.
We too have had an oddly mild winter until very recently but, in the last few days, temperatures have dropped to what we expect at this time of year and we've had frosts for the last 4 or 5 mornings.And, finally, I have been wearing a coat and one each or twice, gloves!!!

16 Jan, 2016


Love all the pictures thanks for putting them on

17 Jan, 2016


Lovely photo's Wells,and thank you for posting one of your lovely Grand-daughters ..two lovely girls..:o) I love the Grass tops one too..thanks for sharing your lovely part of the World ...

17 Jan, 2016


Lovely photos ! Lovely granddaughters ! and I would love a cup of tea on the deck in the early morning mist :)

17 Jan, 2016


Beautiful photos, every one! I enjoyed this Posy, thanks. Love the early mist on the deck shot!

17 Jan, 2016


thanks for indulging once more on these pics. I think mountains and sea are so fascinating. That is after Plants and planning. Sea will be coming up soon.

18 Jan, 2016


loved the spiders web shot and the white pine shot in particular . . . and the mountains . . . and the fall colors ^_^

1 Feb, 2016


Just caught up with your blog have some wonderful photos there.... Such a gorgeous pic of your granddaughters, they are really beautiful!
Love the painting, and can see you there wearing your hat!

16 Feb, 2016


Beautiful photos, and I love your Pinus 'mugo'(?). As Janey says - gorgeous pic of your granddaughters - do they live near you?

22 Feb, 2016


I think it's just a white pine for this sort of thing. It's a small version. I also think the Mugo is a rounder looking bush. I bought this one as an accent on the corner about 15 years ago. It requires a bit of pruning and that's about it. I tend to over prune... My adorable grands live in NJ which is about four hours from me. Too far. I spend a lot of money on cards and postage.

22 Feb, 2016


Thanks Posy . . . being separated from our grandchildren is the way of the world for many of us - sad, but true. My two (like Janey's) live in Australia, so I've only met the youngest, Francesca, once, when she was 8 months. I'll see her again in June, when she will be 2 years, so I'm very much looking forward to that!

24 Feb, 2016


What a delightful garden you have, lovely photos, each and every one of them......

8 Oct, 2016

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