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Christmas Flowers for Decoration


By wells


We have sought refuge with Christmas Decor. The weather has been too warm, feeling less like Christmas. We are so focused on our world, and its many trouble spots that it is hard to think ahead. But the New year is coming, and even years are usually better than odd, so we will give it our best.

Artificial Decor

free form flowers

flowers imitate Paintings

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Sometimes we feel so powerless in the face of such utter foolishness being purpitrated by those we elected don't we? But there's only one thing for it....keep on going and keep on praying and most of all...keep on LOVING as best you can! Gorgeous sparkly and natural flowers Posy. Happy 2017! xx

27 Dec, 2016


Lovely flowers, they really look great! :-))

The world seems to be going downhill at an ever faster pace! So many conflicts in so many different regions of the world & then the terrorist attacks where you least expect them producing, as their leaders pretend, true panic & insecurity. Our daughter is so afraid of terrorists that she sees them practically under every stone! She has developed a phobia & has even had psychiatric treatment for it! She won't let the kids out of her sight & has even obliged us to keep them in our flat when she leaves them with us! We can't even go to the shops with them as we used to - which are no more than 2 minutes away!

As Karen says we should pray for the leaders of our world, that they might strive to live in peace with their fellow & for religious tolerance in all the countries of the world. The apostle Paul in one of his letters to the churches in Asia exhorts us to pray for our leaders & for everyone in authority, that we may live peaceful lives.

27 Dec, 2016


Terrible things happen. We must keep going ... and I agree with 'keep loving'. If you haven't got love, you haven't got anything.
Happy New Year. I hope it's a good one for you :)
Your arrangements ale lovely ...

27 Dec, 2016


If only we could arrange the world as beautifully as your flowers Wells.

27 Dec, 2016


Oh even years better than odd, never heard that saying Wells, I'll be doing some research on that, I'm curious as to how that works out in history, just for my own satisfaction, not trying to prove anything, plus it will give me something to dol lol....
It is terrible the things others do to one another, in all honesty I myself do not think its any worse than it has always been, I think its the fact that with the technology we have today the news travels around the world in mins, we hear of atrocities and disasters so quickly now, in years past some things we were not even aware of until someone put a programme on the telly and often then it was too late to do anything in the way of help or give support, now a newsflash appears in minutes and the web is even quicker...
Lovely Photo's Wells, Best Wishes to you and yours for 2017......

28 Dec, 2016


I think you are right LL! The media has us believing we are responsible for sorting out/or not sorting out civil war in Syria! ..and the whole of the Middle East...and most of Africa too. No wonder people get bogged down, anxious, fearful and frightened. I bet these thoughts didnt even entering anyones head 50 years back.

28 Dec, 2016


I am so interested to read these comments coming from all of you. If we live in terror, we become hopeless in so many ways. I do understand why we should fear for the future. There are groups here who have literally worked out systems whereby their survival could be possible. Our future is not in the hands of one leader. We have to work together, all of us and become a team. The media cannot shake or make us. Think and act.

28 Dec, 2016

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