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My Raised bed


My husband has decided that he wants a bit of space just for him and has taken over our smaller raised bed and said I can have free reign over the larger one.

Suits me !! He likes lots of colour and hates anything that gets too leggy or starts to spread. I like perennials that I can add seasonal colour to and trying things out and I definitely don’t mind if things take over – I am still prepared to cut back and keep in check if they take over but I like things to be able to do what they do best.

Unfortunately the honeysuckle I planted in the smaller bed about two years ago is not to his taste at all and he wants me to move it.It has the nerve to grow normally – what a cheek !!!

I have already moved other plants most of them have settled in their new home,although the Lithodora that I allowed him to move has not been a success, I think he might have been a bit mean with the roots. (luckily I had 2 and the other is ok)

I have popped in lots of nemophila seedlings and have nicotiana and petunias to add. I have also grown some mimulas from seed and will add them soon too. Had enough of the old daff growth now though and can’t wait to see the back of them !! They were fabulous in full bloom but now just a nuisance. I have experimented by cutting some back and leaving others to see if leaving them to die back really improves next years growth.

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Cheek of the man, does he not know he`s only allowed to build them, lol,...
Seriously at least if you have his and hers you each choose what goes in, it does sound as though you have very different likes and dislikes, its easy here, hubby hates gardening so its all mine, he likes to see it looking nice but does admit its my handiwork...

8 May, 2011


He sounds like the twin of my hubby Lincs. It works well as long as he does the heavy work, under close supervision of course. It sounds like a very good arrangement Wendikins, good for both of you and good for the garden as it gets lots of variety. Is the long border yours and the sleeper one his?

8 May, 2011


I like plants to do their own thing aswell. They grow better like that. Except they did it too much in my garden last year so now I will have to take a bit of control. You had a nice display of dafodills :) Pitty they always seem to be over too soon.

9 May, 2011


Well that brings me up short. I always thought I would like it if Mr SussexSarah took an interest in gardening, but perhaps not!

9 May, 2011


They are both built from sleepers Lily2. Mine is about 3 times as long as the small one so I am quite happy about that. Just hated moving things out of the small one. Moved one Lithodora and it is still alive but not really in the best place to enjoy the lovely blue colour. I am going to get another one (or two !!) and plant them in better spots.

I love vinca and that gets carried away Hywel but I have learned to be firm with it. Some Ivy has found it's way into the garden and I try and keep that in check as him indoors will want rid of it if it gets too obvious.

For the sake of making friends again I have cut back the honeysuckle so he can train the roses and hopefully things will settle down again !!

I think I could get by if he didn't take an interest but then I wouldn't have a raised bed to plant anything in at all !!!!

9 May, 2011

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