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Freedom in a dream


In reply to your suggestions that I share my ‘butterfly’ dream…I’ll try to do this. It was a spiritually significant dream so may not appeal to many.

In my dream….

I saw a picture frame (glass-less) on a wall and mounted with 4 pins, one on each end of the wing tips. In front of this were stood many women…all ooing and awwwwing at this beautiful creature.

As I watched a hand came across and gently removed each of the pins and the butterfly flew off, free.

The impression was release and I remember the words spoken by who (God?, not sure?). Now this beautiful creature really can be admired…he is free as was always intended.

I was struggling at the time of this dream as I was being drawn to leadership in an organization and was holding back. I reckon the dream was an indicator that I should “go for it” (which I did!) and I stepped into that position for several years.

The lightness of heart and the sense of freedom is wonderful to recall. So that’s it, friends. In a nutshell, that was my dream.

And I do also find it an amazing observation how something so ‘ugly’ shut up in a cocoon can transform into a beautiful butterfly….maybe this should inspire me to remember it can happen in my back yard/garden too….and the evidence on GoY is witness to your creativity and devotion to your gardens. I really get quite excited reading your blogs and viewing your beautiful gardens in your photos.

I’ll try and post some photos of my back garden (complete with the weeds!) when my daughter and son-in-law are here today. I’m not too well versed on how to do that! On a steep learning curve computerwise and gardenwise!

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Next post: As promised....the back garden!



That was a lovely gentle dream W.lass like spirits being released, amazing, I do not remember my dreams mostly, which is strange, however I enjoyed yours, now come on with those photos, if I can you can !!!

4 Sep, 2010


what a beautiful dream.

4 Sep, 2010


Lovely dream. Many of us have travelled that steep learning curve here on GOY. I could not get photos to load because they were too big. A plea for help brought me all the help I needed and now I can do it without too much trouble. I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to compress the photos before I start loading them. Hopefully the family will have taken you through the process of using whatever you have on your computer to get the same result.

4 Sep, 2010


Well done for writing your dream and what a simple yet powerful one it was. x

4 Sep, 2010


Its a lovely dream if I had to of tell the meaning before I read your middle to last part I would of said you would be released from a burden and set free, being in hardship or illness, then help comes along from no where and releases you which it is the same as you have stated. Every one has a chance which some times they don't take because of unsurity and question it, which could release them from a burden. I also believe every one has a warning prior to a tragedy too, its knowing how to see it when it comes. I have studied life since I was in my 20s and found this to be the case.

4 Sep, 2010


It's great to read your replies/reactions to my butterfly dream and it was nice to be reminded of its significance by sharing it with you all. So thank you to GM, TL, Sgran, Lulu and Sixpence. Sixpence you are spot on with your interpretation too.

I don't often remember dreams but I have had a few that have special meaning to me and work themselves out in my daily life, as you've observed SP.

4 Sep, 2010


I use to tell fortunes years ago for free, I use to feel sorry for people who could nt afford to pay which I met on a cb. I got my rewards in a different way mainly kids which are the salt of the earth. I met some wonderful and helpful people who use to visit me. I was taken to France free twice not from one I told a fortune to but became a good friend who ended up owning the lorry business he drove for, visited by the managing director of the Jaguar works who I use to chat to every day while he was driving back and to the Jaguar which 30 odd years later still remembers me lol. One of his employees use to bring a mini bus to have their fortunes told, I never used cards just told by looking at them. So you see even people in high positions believe in some thing.

4 Sep, 2010

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