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As promised....the back garden!


These photos aren’t brilliant but should give you some idea of the small back garden we are wanting to clear and develop.

The apple tree produced lots of apples but many were windfalls and unusable (full of worms/bugs..yuk!). The few still left on the tree are not ripe enough for picking yet but hopefully will yield enough for a pie or two :)

We have a lot of these snails in our garden. Will they be harmful to our garden when we eventually start to grow plants?

Does anyone know what the tall bush is in the corner of the garden? It is very tall (hawthorn?). It is now getting red berries, very unruly, but nesting birds means we will have to wait to cut it back some.

Now….where to start!

We couldn’t work out how to add the photos to this blog so they are slowly being added to “Photos” on my homepage. Any help with this process would sure be helpful….please. Well….not sure where they’ll turn up….on my blog page or photo page. Hmmm….sorry for confusing you all!

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Sorry I cannot see the tree you want ID'd. Apart from your boundaries you seem to have a reasonably good back garden. Would the neighbours share the cost of removing some of the overgrown foliage and roots and share the cost of a replacing it with a decent fence.

4 Sep, 2010


Scotsgran, the photo can be found on my next blog entry. Sorry I wasn't successful in my first try at adding photos.

We haven't approached the business adjacent to our property as we are already having to share the expense of replacing collapsing drains on our property (shared drains) at considerable expense to both them and us. The 'fence' has asbestos panels which will need careful disposal. I prefer wood panels but when we shared with the neighbours on the other side of our property they wanted concrete panels so we went along with that. I will paint them white once we have the weeds/brambles cleared next to that area.

Thanks for reading my first attempt at this blog.

4 Sep, 2010


My daughter had collapsing drains and her insurance company fixed them. I wonder if they would help with yours or with getting rid of the asbestos panels. You haven't had your troubles far to seek but things will get better. I quite like the concrete panels because fences are very prone to wind and weather damage. We built walls all around our garden to keep out the neighbours weeds and it makes a huge difference. If you do not object to using chemicals maybe something like a brushkiller would get rid of a lot of the mess. Certainly works on brambles. You can also buy an ivy killer which will do away with the roots as well as the top.

4 Sep, 2010

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