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Day out in the Dales


Now that we have retired we are enjoying some day trips within reach of our home.

On Thursday last we went up to Grassington (and surrounds) and viewed some wonderful scenery. While I only took one photo it was a lovely home with flowers still abundant at summer’s end.

We also enjoyed a lovely meal in Grassington (Forrester’s Arms for anyone who would like to note….recommended….all home made, fresh to order). It was in Grassington that we found this house, up a little side entry. Got to love these stone buildings.

I’ll do my best to take more photos on our next day trip! (I did put some photos on my homepage of a recent visit to Little Moreton Hall, but didn’t blog about it).

On our return home we were parking up the car and looked across the road and saw this cute little guy ‘helping daddy’….I just couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Happy weekend all.

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I saw your question about uploading for a blog. I had trouble realising if I had taken pictures of scenery they take up more mb than close ups of plants and shrubs. You can put up to 5mb in your pictures. click on ADD PHOTOS top right and the BROWSE panel comes up. Click BROWSE.....go into PICTURES on the left hand menu and choose your file. The individual pictures appear. If you hover cursor over the picture it will tell you how much mb used. I generally downsize a picture on my camera if I intend to use on GOY. Others do it on the computer. Welcome to GoY. Happy blogging!

4 Sep, 2010


Dorjac...thanks for your comment. I think I've sussed it out now but we shall see how I progress.

My blog isn't interesting as yet but I hope as we progress with our back garden I will have more to tell you all.

4 Sep, 2010


AAhh - a little Fireman Sam! He's so sweet :-)

Congratulations on getting the photos uploaded.

4 Sep, 2010


Beautiful blog there are some lovely scenes around Yorkshire if you ever get the chance try Malam where the ice age gorge ,waterfall is with a fairy lake with waterfall and wood on oposite side of the road. How cute is that little fire man lovely to see dads include their children in chores and games.

4 Sep, 2010


Beattie....I'm a softie with little ones and couldn't resist the little fireman from across the way. He was having such a ball :) I'm nana to 4 young grandchildren (3-10 yrs. in ages) so I do get in my nana cuddles often. In fact they've been here today for a couple of hours :)

4 Sep, 2010


Sixpence, I'll have to take a look on the map and locate Malam...neither hubby or I have heard of it previously. I am enthralled with the stone walls and rolling hills that are prominent in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the Lakes. Coming from Canada it is a contrast to the landscape we have in B.C.

I agree too it's lovely to see dad's sharing with their kids. My daughter and son-in-law are great at it too with their children....whether it's building bunk beds, chicken coops, bike rides...whatever. It's great parenting!

4 Sep, 2010
If you highlight cut and paste or copy and paste on to your browser you will see it on this link

Yes it is great to see what ever the task or fun.

4 Sep, 2010


It's spelt Malham, Whistonlass. Great limestone scenery with a famous limestone pavement above Malham Cove. I lost a good compass down a "bottomless" crevice there about 40 years ago!! :-)

4 Sep, 2010


I missed the little fireman helping dad. He's very cute. Malham brings back memories of our younger days when we did some walking and youth hostelling in that area. I once tried to get up the crevice where the stream went into Malham cove, which is very spectacular. My legs were too short to span a gap, while others climbed easily. I had to slog all the way round to reach the limestone pavement! Happy days. My dad, born in 1904, was always happy to help and take part in childhood activities. Some dads are like that, and fondly remembered

5 Sep, 2010

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