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The diggers were here!


Well today was like a 3-ring circus around here. I was awakened at 8.30am to the sound of digging, drills and loud singing. Two guesses….it wasn’t a town drunk….it was council workers tearing up the footpath in front of our premises. We live on a slip road that goes in front of the shops and the pavement is next to the main road! Sorry, bet that has confused you.

This is what was going on….

And….the finished job which now provides dropped kerbs for ease of access and bollards to prevent cars/vans from parking on the footpath which has been a dangerous problem as it obstructed views of cars exiting the slip road. They had wrapped up the job by 4pm and were on their way….

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Good job done by the looks of it J, all safe for cars to pull out now I gather :0))

21 Oct, 2010


Good job done there then. just in time before the cutbacks came in lol.

21 Oct, 2010


Oh....don't get me started on cutbacks or local municipal councils, OOil. It's not the prettiest sight to look out on with the differing surfaces but it is a huge improvement and much safer as you say.

In front of the skip (bottom photo) is where we have access to our back gate to garden and where we park up. This doesn't seem to be affected by the alterations thankfully.

21 Oct, 2010


Our grandson would have loved to have been looking out the window at all the goings on W.lass, he loves diggers!!

21 Oct, 2010


thats a good job done....

21 Oct, 2010


Grandmage, I was at first taking the photos with our eldest grandson in mind. He loves diggers too but he wasn't here when the workmen were strutting their stuff! lol I'll show him the photos this weekend but not as good as the real McCoy!

I agree Holly....pleased the job was completed. Would you believe one of the commercial vans belonging to the next door's business actually parked his huge van on the sidewalk (see bottom photo) between the bollard and the signpost to the left of the car exiting today! Just don't understand folk sometimes :('s all for the good and if they continue to park in these restricted areas they'll only end up with £80 parking tickets (it's happened before).

21 Oct, 2010


What a lovely road you live in :o) It looks very pleasant. I'm glad the council sorted that problem out. People are very lazy and park so dangerously. They're not willing to walk anywhere these days.

22 Oct, 2010


Hywel, it is a very busy road but when we were operating our newsagent's business it was necessary for passing trade. A direct route for ambulance/police/fire as they are at the top of the road! We live above the old shop and rent the shop to the new business owner. Quite adequate for hubby and I.

When we are in the back garden space though it is much quieter and that is my reason for wanting it to be a place of relaxation and beautiful to the eye.

I could easily fall out with the other shopkeepers for their inconsiderate parking but I don't like conflict and have gently requested they not block the pavement....don't know what else I can do or say. The police sometimes have a blitz and give out tickets so I'm hoping they will do that again soon.

22 Oct, 2010


We had all this caper this year, but not for makeover purposes. First the gas pipe renewal people. They put the pipe winder in front of the drive during the time we were going to the hospital for JG's chemotherapy, completely blocking it. I had to ring customer services, who rang the foreman to tell him to shift the rig by a certain time. We had a couple of weeks peace and then the water pipe renewal men. During the 2 months chemo the surrounding streets were all dug up one by one. I think it must be the garden and GoY that provided somewhere to distract myself from a nightmare situation. They have such huuuuge earth shifters and the crane muck truck had to move for cars to enter and leave this area, which has just one road to get in and out. Thank goodness for the therapy of the garden!!!!!!!

28 Oct, 2010


Yes, the big machines cause a lot of grief to pedestrian and vehicular traffic alike. It will have been made worse for you with needing to get out from your driveway....I bet you are glad those days are behind you now, Dorjac.

We are waiting for a date to put in a new electric meter and we also need to get collapsing drains repaired in front of our property and underneath the I'm afraid the big diggers will be back again to haunt the neighbourhood! Not looking forward to all that mess.

There has also been an ongoing project in our borough to replace sewer mains....with all the government cuts it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the renewal comes to a halt.

I too am glad for the distraction of GOY and the garden :)

28 Oct, 2010

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