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Well, my friend Daisyco (another GoYer) picked me up yesterday and we toddled off for an afternoon of chatter, laughter, food and plant viewing (and purchasing!!)…lol

It was a great afternoon and I managed (haha, with not any persuasion!!) to buy some additional plants for the garden. They are not planted yet because we are having topsoil delivered on Saturday to build up the borders a bit more. I thought I’d show you what I chose….

Fatsia Japonica Variegeta (for the shade garden)
Dahlia ‘Dixie Melody’
Potentilla Fruticosa ‘Abbotswood’
Coleus (variagated leaf of lime green with burgundy inflections)
Viola ‘Elaine Quinn’
Sisyrinchium ‘E.K. Balls’…alpine plant
….and a yellow succulent (not labelled) ?

There was no label on the yellow succulent and I wonder if anyone could identify it for me? …

I also have the plant (shown below) growing like crazy in a pot and I’ve no idea what it is. Any ideas???…

This is a close-up of the base of the unknown plant with huge leaves and what appears to be a bulbus type of root base (if that’s how to describe it)…

One of the borders which is filling up slowly (I was out there trying to pull up tiny weeds today and the soil is so compacted it’s nigh on impossible. I will try giving it a good soak tonight once the sun goes down and see if that will help at all!)…

My Hebe ‘little red rum’ (photo below) is not looking very healthy. I wonder if I should be cutting off the rather spent looking flowers? I’ve given it a feed today hoping that will improve things. It says on the plant description it is suitable for container growing but I wonder if it would do better in the border….again any suggestions gratefully received :)…

And I’ve painted my birdhouse and positioned it in the area where we will be developing the shade garden-cum-rockery but it may not be its permanent location. I have noticed I have left a bit unpainted too (blush) so back to the paintbrush again…lol

And finally some more photos of my ‘volunteer’ poppies beside our car park space.

This first photo makes them look almost like viola or pansies but I am pretty sure they are poppies…

And a lovely poppy in full bloom (and loads of seed heads!!)…

Another warm and sunny day here in Merseyside. Such a perfect day for sitting out in the garden and plotting planting all my new acquisitions :) Happy gardening friends.

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LIke all your new plants... my kind of shopping trip.... sorry cant help you with identifcation.....

30 Jun, 2011


Hi Jacquie, Looks like you had a lovely time with your friend. The plants look good, I don't know the succulent, but the red bulbous growth on the other large plant in the pot is a radish. Not a very good specimen, but expect the birds brought you that ! The Hebe, I dont know the problem but I am sure it would be better in the ground. It may have got too dry in the pot. The birdhouse is looking good.

30 Jun, 2011


Love the bird house and the garden is taking shape quickly now Jacquie. You are having fun I can tell. Enjoy!!!! :o)

30 Jun, 2011


Well I never!! Cinders...I was going to describe it as rather 'radish-looking' and what do you know but you tell me it is a radish. I did have some radish seeds which I planted in a trough but they didn't come up (or so I thought!) this one has crept into the pot somehow. What a surprise. I'll take the plants out now and see if there is another radish on the second stem. Thanks for tipping me to what it is, Cinders.

I think putting the hebe in the ground would be the best idea too, Cinders. Yes, Olive...I am enjoying the garden so much and the fresh air. I am not so pleased about the ground going so hard though but I'm hoping I can remedy that if I water thoroughly for a few days.

No worries, Holly about not being able to identify the succulent plant...I'm pretty sure someone will be along to help out.

30 Jun, 2011


Lovely stuff Whistonlass - you maybe better off forking the soil first than soaking it - to increase usage :))) Lovely pictures and your garden is all looking superb :)))))))

30 Jun, 2011


Have you got yourself a long handled mini fork yet Whistonlass, they are brilliant for breaking up the soil and saves your back when weeding, I can now reach to half way across the border and put in the fork and lift out the weed (took a lot of practice mind you) lol :o)

30 Jun, 2011


I have a metal fork though :( Hubby and I are going out tomorrow for the day (40 yrs. married and Canada Day tomorrow so 2 reasons to celebrate and have a day out) and we need to get long handled grass clippers so I will have a look for a long-handled mini fork too.

I will see how the strong metal rake works tonight...I did have a go with a hoe but it hardly shifted the soil. Wish me luck...another learning curve!

Thank you for your kind comments Paul...and glad you conquered the mini fork, Olive.

30 Jun, 2011


Hiya Whist! Your new plants are lovely, but I dont know what your wee succulent is is either...the mystery continues! I agree though, I would put your Hebe in your new border somewhere...plant it, Jacquie! let it run free!!
Are you going to mulch your border with chipped bark, Whist? It would help keep the weeds down for you, but you would have to water well first, oh, and that's another thing, a bark mulch would really help keep the moisture in your borders and you wouldn't have to worry about watering so much!

30 Jun, 2011


sounds like you had a great day out! and some lovely plants into the bargain. The garden is coming along nicely . The bird table looks fab too!
Happy gardening to you!

30 Jun, 2011


Yes, Libet, our plan is to put down bark mulch once I have the borders planted is just taking longer than I anticipated to sort out what plants to buy. We have priced the bark mulch from the same firm who supplied our topsoil and they'll bring it as soon as we are ready. I will do as has been suggested and plant my hebe into the border. I'd prefer to have it against my new wooden fencing but that part of the garden doesn't get enough sun and it's recommended the hebe be planted in full sun. The border that gets pretty much full sun is filling up with plants but the opposite border needs plants too :(

Teds, I'll bet your garden is looking a treat...I've often wondered how your carrots are doing in their hanging baskets...that idea really intrigued me (well all your veggie containers....oh heck, all of your lovely garden Have you had any of your crops yet this season? Pleased you like the bird table :)

30 Jun, 2011


Did you eat the radish, Whistonlass? Looks big enough to fill a sandwich on its own! Love your poppies, I've never had any luck growing them but live in hope :)

30 Jun, 2011


The yellow succulent is a type of Sedum. I can't remember the variety name.
I had to lol about the raddish, sorry :D it just made me burst out :D :D
I would cut the dead flowers off the hebe to give new shoots a chance to grow.
Nice to see your garden fill out with such great plants :o)

30 Jun, 2011


Lovely selection of plants,hope you have fun planting them :)

30 Jun, 2011


Isnt it amazing what a couple of months will do! It really is looking good J, and like everyone, love the bird table, especially the colours.
Has Alec got his lawn mower yet? lol!! Like Hywel, I had a good old chuckle over your radish my will be growing potatoes in tyres next!!!

30 Jun, 2011


I have that sedum W.lass, but I dont know its name either, it spreads well and is so easy to pull a piece up and replant it somewhere else! (scotsgran knows its name!) I love the bird house, very posh! and your plants are gorgeous. We grow radish in a window box and they pop up in three days and you can eat them in three weeks, delicous and very good for you. I also would put the Hebe in the ground as it needs the space.

30 Jun, 2011 answer some questions....

Yes, hubby has tasted....doesn't rate the radish much though!

M, yes we have had our new lawnmower delivered (we had a flymo but hubby wanted a push mower). He's given the grass one cut; difficult as the grass was quite long so it's not looking too even. He's going to have another go over the weekend and we're going to buy some long handled clippers so we can trim the edges.

Gmadge & Hywel...thanks for the info about my plant. I did think it looked as if it would be easy to propegate so I'll keep that in mind. If anyone wants a piece...just shout!

I'll follow that advice Hywel and trim the hebe and will replant it into the border (as soon as I can dig the border....tried raking it tonight...hard going!).

Great comments...thanks all :) x

30 Jun, 2011


I love your new plants I have Elaine Quinn what a little beauty she is, you will be smitten lol I also have Sisyrinchium in my rockery border another littl gem! Jacquie I would trim of all the faded flower heads on your Hebe will encourage more growth. Happy Ruby Wedding Day, hope you enjoy the celebrations! and by the way there is a lovely rose caled Ruby Wedding;0))

30 Jun, 2011


lol i dont know its name either J, birdhouse looks fab ......... cuprinal by any chance lol .............. borders looking gud now , and your haveing fun doing it as well ........... i have a little 3 prong rake which i find really gud ... i get on old cumffy cushion to kneel on !!!
i grew raddish while i was waiting 4 other stuf to come up .......... no room 4 it now ...

30 Jun, 2011


Hi Jacquie

Sounds like you are going full steam ahead with your garden now - this time next year it will be a lovely oasis for you and your OH to relax and enjoy your time together.

Blessings to you both.

30 Jun, 2011


PP....we seem to share a love of the same plants, nothing unusual there then :) Thank you for your good wishes too. I did see there is a Ruby Wedding rose when I was planning our garden...only in photos though...not seen it in person. You say it is a lovely rose....maybe I'll have to seek it out....

Yes, Cristina, I did use Cuprinol for the bird needs a touch up. I am amazed that radish grow with such huge leaves. I still have the packet of radish seeds somewhere so I may locate them and have another go.

Unfortunately I can't kneel to weed so it's a long-handled tool for me....several members have recommended I get the long-handled tool so I'll take a look around and see what seems best.

Marie...I am looking forward to next year to see how the borders will look once all filling out...and hope next year to start some plants with seed/cuttings go get me into the gardening spirit. Your blessings are received with appreciation :) x

30 Jun, 2011


lol i am the samethese days ............ once down have to stay there haha ............ o well 60 now , lol downhill i think ............ drrrr .just enjoy it hun x

30 Jun, 2011


Lovely pics have got some lovely plants is so exciting ,buying new things..and deciding where to plant them..part of the enjoyment ,I think..have a nice day out today..:o).....and are only a baby yet...remember the song ' The only way is up '! Lol.

1 Jul, 2011


lovely blog jacquie and nice new plants to, glad you enjoyed your day :o)

1 Jul, 2011


Carrots are coming along in the hanging baskets. I must put up a pic, they are a little on the small side so next year I will use bigger baskets. Taste good though!

1 Jul, 2011


Hi Lass...nice shopping trip...does wonders..does it not...
Everyones covered all the other queries, so I wont repeat.. :))...happy gardening...x

7 Jul, 2011


I'm playing catch up and delighted to tell you that your un named sedum is Sedum refexum "Iceberg". It is a go anywhere plant. I have it in hanging baskets, pots in borders and even in the compost heap it just keeps on smiling. I love the viola too. Lovely blog.

20 Jul, 2011


The other thing you might want to put on your GC list, is a long handled weeding fork, H and I had ours when we were doing so many gardens, and they are a godsend to the back and knees, the size of a hand fork, but with a long can get in out between your plants quite easily....:))) I love mine, wouldn't be without it...

20 Jul, 2011


Sorry I can't let you see this in person Whiston but I have just posted a photo of the Ruby Wedding rose in my photos. It is growing in South Yorkshire.

20 Jul, 2011


Thanks for the ID on my sedum, Scotsgran....I will take a look at your Ruby Wedding rose photo too :)

Yes, Crissue, a long handled weeding fork may be just the tool I need....I have a hand held weeding fork but as you say it's a lot of bending down. At the moment I'm using my dutch hoe but it isn't always a good plan as it leaves roots behind :(

Been cutting the lawn and trimming the edges with our new grass clippers since we had NO RAIN today....yeah!!

20 Jul, 2011



21 Jul, 2011

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