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Autumn arrives early in Devon! More's the pity!


We have had a rather dismal summer down here in the South West and have failed to have a number of fine sunny days in succession!

It has also been quite humid and all little creatures that like to make holes in much-loved plants have thrived in these conditions!

To prove that autumn is establishing itself quite rapidly I will show you some examples and try to find photos of flowers and leaves which have not been eaten! Hence, there will be no sweet peas, no dahlias, no roses and alas no sunshine either!

Here goes:
Rosy red Discovery apples.

Cotoneaster berries next to Virginia Creeper.

This begonia has really thrived, goodness knows why, it is a mystery to me!

Shades of autumn in the acer too.

The Japanese Anemones have had a good year though.

Another sign of autumn is home-made marmalade. Actually that is not strictly true, it is home-made using one of those tins!!

And last but not least it MUST be autumn, the twins have started school and my husband is watching the football on TV and warm cosy sweaters are in the shops! Soon be Christmas folks!

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Damp summer here too but your apples have obviously enjoyed it. That's a very pretty begonia - mine have done well too, they obviously enjoy miserable weather!

30 Aug, 2015


lovely blog even if the sun isn't shining, those apples look lovely they obviously liked the weather conditions. :O)

30 Aug, 2015


Love your apples WR they look delicious. Like you we've had a dismal summer as I'm sure Bloomer has told you. As for soon being Christmas...please!!

30 Aug, 2015


Well, you've certainly set an autumnal scene. it is prematurely showing signs of autumn down here too.Any sunshine recently has been quite weak although, we have had an average to good summer in Essex. The early part at least. The rain has only arrived in the last month.

30 Aug, 2015


Noooo Chris ! I don't want to think about Christmas !
Its such a shame you have had a poor summer !
We've just had spitty spots of rain here and is a bit cooler today than it has been !
The only thing that is showing me that it is nearly autumn are the cobwebs forming and the huge spiders that have tried to get in the house ! Yuk ! I'm using the spider spray everywhere !

30 Aug, 2015


I love all those colours,Chris,Autumnal or not..and I love Discovery apples...NOW you tell me ! I would have begged a few from you if I'd known..or did you purposely keep it to yourself ? :o) The Acer and Anemones are lovely,so you still have lots of colour..It's been a cloudy but warm day here,so no complaints.We went to the park,as the fairground is there.. Thomas loved it :o)

30 Aug, 2015


Chris, you sound to have had a similar summer to me...but warmer! Still, the apples have enjoyed it by the look of things. Chin up eh....we might get a sunny autumn. :) Your photos are lovely :)

30 Aug, 2015


I feel comforted to read that I am not the only one in the country who has not experienced much of a summer! Let's hope that the next two months bring us some of those beautiful warm, mellow days.

I have just watched a recording of Prunella Scales and Timothy West on one of their canal journeys - they were getting soaked too!

Ever so sorry Sandra, I honestly only noticed the apples yesterday. Just pop back and I will pick you some :-)

30 Aug, 2015


No problem,Chris..will you be in? Lol x

30 Aug, 2015


Lovely colour in your garden though the summer hasn't been up to much, the same here in Wales, lovely Marmalade - enjoy! :)

30 Aug, 2015


I'll take some marmalade. It looks very good!

31 Aug, 2015


August Bank Holiday today - and it's raining! I'm not holding out for the old wives' tale of rain before seven, fine by eleven - this looks set for the day. Ah memories of August bank holiday traffic jams in the sun.....

There were a couple of interesting bits in yesterday's Gardeners' Question Time including the ongoing effects on trees of the bad winters from 5-10 years ago.

31 Aug, 2015


It is another sunless and very still day here and it does not feel like a Bank Holiday at all.

Glad you like the look of the marmalade, it is very reliable, always works!

31 Aug, 2015


It's dull here too,but still warmish..Rain just stopped now,so at least the plants are happy..B.Holidays are just another day,when you are retired,aren't they ? We just keep away from busy places,but it's a shame for those who have the day off..It was lovely yesterday..still dull,but warm..

31 Aug, 2015


Grey, dull and wet down South today, Chris ... love those apples and I am quite envious of the Begonia. I potted up 3 yellow ones months ago and left them in the unheated GH ... foliage really slow to grow and not a sign of a flower! Oh well, perhaps they'll surprise me at Christmas :o)

31 Aug, 2015


Rotten summer everywhere I think Chris except for short spells when everything dries out, then flooding. Those apples are beautiful. Anyway, no matter how bad the weather, there's no excuse to use the 'C' word:-)

1 Sep, 2015


It was a very mixed week up in Cromarty, but could have been a lot worse. I love Autumn - wouldn't it be lovely to have a warm, mellow one? My begonias have been better than ever this year, too. The lily beetles have been terrible - I might have a lily-free year next year, to try and break the cycle. The snails haven't been too bad, except on a poor sunflower I was given in a pot. It was reduced to a leafless stick within a week, despite moving it around.

6 Sep, 2015


Begonia is a super colour !

18 Sep, 2015


Thanks Terra, it is still looking good and the garden seems to have settled down now after an up and down summer!

20 Sep, 2015

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