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The two poplars in our garden had to go.


The two poplar trees in our garden had just grown too tall. They were creating too much shade and when they swayed in the wind were a threatening sight!
As you can see it is yet another glorious spring like day in Devon!!!

Work began this morning and is still continuing as I write this!

One has been cut right back and work has begun on the second. They are two fine young workmen and said that ’ I make an awesome mug of coffee!’ I have happily made them 3 mugs so far thanks to the compliment!!

The silver birch,on the right of the man in the tree, is staying.

Work nearly completed! It has been fascinating to see how skilful they both were. So glad that the job has safely been completed.

On a better day than today, I am sure the garden will be lighter and brighter.
Well done them!!

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I bet you are so glad they have now been cut down,Chris..did you shout 'Timber' ? :o) It will make such a difference to the light you will can't beat making a decent cuppa for your workmen..they work much better for you ,when they are appreciated..biscuits as well,by any chance? :o)

26 Feb, 2016


Always sad to see trees come down but it they get tall enough to be dangerous if they blew down then they have to go. Looks like there are plenty of other trees around for the birds to nest in.

26 Feb, 2016


Can I pop around for the logs please lol always a shame to see trees go, but, as you say once they become dangerous there is nothing to be done, other than remove them.....

26 Feb, 2016


You will be better able to see the beauty of the remaining trees.

26 Feb, 2016


I also find it sad to see trees felled but cedars they are not you fooled me first. seeders they may well

27 Feb, 2016


I must admit, I was wondering about that Brian....

27 Feb, 2016


What men in the tree ? I cant see any - perhaps
they were drinking the coffee !

27 Feb, 2016


You don't mess about do you Chris? The light to your garden will be so much better now. I wish I could get your chaps to come and take down my neighbours blessed cherry tree, then we'd both be happy. Ah well, you can't win them all.

27 Feb, 2016


It's a pity to chop trees down, but if they are in the wrong place there isn't much choice.
I'm sure your garden will benefit from the light.
I once had a garden that was cast into the shade of tall trees on a summer's afternoon. It was miserable and that was one of the reasons why we moved here.

27 Feb, 2016


Whoops, they were poplars not cedars!
Ever so sorry to have misled you!
Blog is about to be corrected, thanks Brian.

27 Feb, 2016


I thought they didn't look like Cedars, but I didn't know what they were so didn't like to say lol :D
I'm glad you've let us know ...

27 Feb, 2016


It was thanks to Brian!
Silly me!

27 Feb, 2016


I hadn't noticed your mistakes Chris.

28 Feb, 2016


A job well done Chris ! Now , when the sun will see it ! Hahaa!

29 Feb, 2016

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