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What is your favourite view or landscape?


At this rather dreary time of year when we have had more than our share of greyness and wetness, I like to picture in my mind places that make me smile and make me feel happy.
I thought it would be nice to make a collection here of our favourite places so that we can cheer one another up at the end of January.
I have a few favourites and have photos of two of them.

The view from the Minack Theatre looking down onto Porthcurno Beach.

The Isles of Scilly – my favourite place for holidays.

The lavender fields of Provence. I have no photo handy of these but I did write a blog about them on here in July 2012! (Time I went back I think!)

Looking forward to hearing about your favourite places now! ? ? ? ? ?

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Your first choice is also one of mine W'rose, my daughter and I were there two years ago and absolutely loved it, in fact the day we were there, after climbing down all those steps and then back up again, we then walked across the cliffs and then down onto that beach, whereby my daughter spent an hour in the sea, it was hot that particular day, muggins here had forgotten her costume, had to make do with just a paddle.
St Michael's Mount is also a fantastic place and ranks high on my list, we walked across on the Causeway and had a wonderful day on the island, admiring all the Echeveria's growing out of the cliffsides, wishing mine would grow like that..If push came to shove I'm not really sure which is my favourite from places I visit as I also love the Lake District, best view for me personally from there is I think looking across Derwent Water from Keswick.
North Yorkshire is another place I could never tire of, too many views from there to love and admire..
However my all time favourite view ever, is looking over from the A1, across the meadows, seeing all the church spires, towers and the olde worlde buildings surrounding them....In fact its the view of my hometown Stamford, the view is also beautiful from the A43 although that cannot always be seen because of the hedges...

30 Jan, 2018 many to choose from. Funnily enough, LLass, one of the first ones that sprang to mind was St Michael’s mount from the mainland. Last year I was introduced to the view of London from Parliament Hill, that was amazing. South Queensferry from Fife on the train is great..looking across the Firth of Forth. Lincoln cathedral from surrounding lowlands takes some beating too. There are so many wonderful views in Scotland that its impossible to choose really. But tbh, probably the view from the top of the hill in front of my house. I can see Across the Tay to St Andrews, beyond that is the East Neuk of Fife coast...Crail etc, and if its a very clear day I can see beyond the Firth of Forth to the Wind farm at North Berwick. I love that view, and I can see it every day. :)

30 Jan, 2018


Last year I've hiked Yosemite National Park in California. There are no words to describe the awesomeness - to be part of it. Let's just say I've seen the glory of God revealed before me. Give a Google to see what I mean. :) Bridal Veil Falls I guess was one of the highlights for me.

30 Jan, 2018


For me, one of the first views I remember as a child was when my grandad worked on a farm and he used to take me into a local hazelnut copse when it was carpeted with bluebells and primroses. That has stuck with me, even though I have since seen some of the other magnificent sights the world offers.

31 Jan, 2018


Many of the coastal path walks round her are close runners up but the two winners are: First the view from the top of Mount Teide - partly for the stupendous view in every direction and partly for the fulfilling of a lifelong wish to stand on the top of a volcano. I remember saying "If I forget everything else in life let me remember this"

And second is in a garden of a National Trust house high up on the cliff on the Salcombe estuary. A huge pink Magnolia Grandiflora was growing on the bank and the crown of the tree was level with the garden. It was in full flower and I seem to remember the flowers as getting on for a foot across..I had never seen a grandiflora in flower before . The sky and sea behind it were both as blue as it gets, and a robin was singing. It was too much to take in. I cried.

31 Jan, 2018


Lovely stories Stera. Your magnolias made me remember the huge pink Magnolias in the Castle Gardens on Arran. It was a similar effect..never seen such beautiful blossoms on such a grand scale.

31 Jan, 2018


Glad you have seen them too Karen. Its a wonderful sight.

31 Jan, 2018


Bathgate I've just viewed Yosemite National Park images: amazing! Lovely photo of El Capitan with trees reflected in the water below.

The view from my old family home in Wales takes some beating: Mynydd Du, (The Black Mountain), and the Brecon Beacons. Sweeping images, with villages dotted here and there. The old coal tips that used to deface the scene have all been demolished.
One of my fondest memories is of seeing the whole view covered in snow, and the sky with millions of stars. Fantastic!

1 Feb, 2018


Anything with the sea but specifically the beach at Seaburn Sunderland where I grew up. I miss the sea so much. Snowdrop and Bluebell woods are also a must see. I was taken to a water meadow when I was little but don't know where, County Durham or Northumbria as it was a day trip from Sunderland.

1 Feb, 2018


Lovely photos Chris and a lovely idea ! I will have to go through my photos too!

2 Feb, 2018


Will always have a special memory of the view from my family home looking towards St Michael's mount and the expanse of Mount's bay.

3 Feb, 2018


I have lots of views I like but I don't know what my favourite one is.
I like sunny views and rainy views, and views of a rough sea crashing against the rocks, and of rolling green hills and fields, and I like to see cattle grazing in a meadow on a sunny summer's day, and a river meandering to the sea ... but I don't like snowy views :)

4 Feb, 2018


Just found this lovely blog, Chris: great idea. When with my son at the Minack theatre, we were looking down at Porthcurno Beach (first photo), and when I said “what a gorgeous view” Steve said “Really look”! So I stared hard, and can now bring the view to mind whenever I want.

I love lakes and mountains, but I never tire of looking at and listening to the sea. The Great Ocean Road near Melbourne in Oz simply took my breath away :)

10 Feb, 2018


We also visited Minack Theatre and enjoyed the views.....
Climbing to the top of the Malvern Hills, and enjoying a sea of bluebells on the way down.....
Climbing to the top of Kinver edge in the ( Midlands) at Easter time for the church service, at the crack of dawn.....and so many views across the sea taken in SW France, too many to mention.......made me feel happy already Wildrose...

19 Feb, 2018


Added to faves, to enjoy all these lovely memories time and again :) Thanks Chris!

20 Feb, 2018


Thank you Sheila, you might need to look at them again on a very dark, grey day in January 2019!

20 Feb, 2018

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