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Newly planted alpines plus others!


We had a little more success with alpines last year so feel encouraged to try a few more.
I have chosen easy ones to keep so far but might become more adventurous as time goes on.
This first container has:
Sedum Rupestre Angelina
Saxifrage Peter Pan
Sedum Coral Carpet

In the next one are
Alpine Aubretia Regado Red
Saxifrage Pixi Pan Red
There is also an alpine aquilegia but it is not in the photo!

In this container are:
Sempervivum Rubin
Saxifrage Gregor Mendel
Sedum Aureum

Finally there are photos of a small container of lavender, thyme and an alpine aquilegia, hosta ‘June’ and a lonely little aquilegia growing by the greenhouse door – not in the safest of places!

I do enjoy choosing plants for containers and working ‘small scale.’ It beats tackling the weeds and the sea of forget-me-nots!!

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Really pretty. I bet they will thrive.

2 May, 2018


Love your choices, I hope they continue to do well for you..... we have been growing them for over 40 years, some successfully and others not so, my OH has always had a keen interest in them and used to cover the old fashioned sinks with a mix as recommended by Geoff Hamilton!! so you can tell how long ago it was.....
June is looking healthy and long may she do so!!

2 May, 2018


Beautiful Chris.... Is the Hosta "June"?

2 May, 2018


I love your mini gardens. since I joined the SRGC (Alpine society in England) I have learned lots about alpine plants. Goy members Bjs and Pcw are both skilled growers of alpines, miniature bulbs etc. Also Moongrower and Bulbaholic are also keen supporters of the SRGC

2 May, 2018


They look very pretty in those arrangements :)

2 May, 2018


You have done a lovely job planting up all those containers Chris..and you have chosen some very pretty plants too..I'm sure they will give you years of pleasure..:o)

2 May, 2018


They look lovely. I do like the idea of “mini” gardening . . . I suppose bonsai count?!

2 May, 2018


Karen they 'might ' thrive - I am not quite as optimistic as you!

DD We too adapted an old sink in the Geoff Hamilton way but I seem to remember the covering came off in the end and it was back to being just an old sink!

Meadowland. Yes the hosta is called 'June.'

Scotsgran. I love to see the alpines grown by Bjs and others who really know what they are doing. There are some real treasures amongst them.

Hywel. Thank you, I like doing things like that so now I just have to look after them properly!

Bloomer. You know the old saying 'While the cat's away, the mice will play!!' I seem to have been to a few garden centres this week........just to pass the time of course!!!

Sheila - of course your beautiful bonsai count! There is a lot more skill involved in that. I just buy a few pretty plants and stick them in a pot!!

2 May, 2018


These little alpine beds look as if they are going to be very rewarding.

2 May, 2018


You've chosen a very nice selection - obviously have an eye for arranging things attractively too! Hope you get lots of pleasure from them.

2 May, 2018


I really like what you have done with your alpines. long may the grow and flourish for you.

2 May, 2018


Interesting choices there Wildrose. Good mixture of different plants and various containers. Those should do very well.

3 May, 2018


Love your mini gardens, a lovely selection of plants.
Hope they thrive for you.

3 May, 2018


Love your arrangements, particularly the first one. Suspect one or two plants will need a keen eye kept on them or they will take over.

I have often added wild violets to ours as the flowers are small but they also tend to spread.

3 May, 2018


Stroller, thank you, I did enjoy putting them together.

Stera, I do like arranging things particularly flowers. I have a lot of patience with SOME things but not much patience with others!!!

Sbg - I shall do my best to look after them, the winter will be the testing time. Perhaps I need an alpine house!!!

Terra and Marjorie - thanks for your encouragement - it means a lot :-)

Eirlys, you are quite right, some will try to take over, so I must keep an eye on the ones that are the culprits!!

Thanks to ALL of you.

3 May, 2018


What super choices Chris. An Alpine House sounds like a brilliant idea as you've obviously got a flair for choosing some good companions.

3 May, 2018


They look super :-)

3 May, 2018


Thank you Dawnsaunt for being so kind.

Waddy - I was just 'dreaming' of an Alpine House, I need more pennies in my piggy bank first!!!

3 May, 2018


We gardeners can always find those elusive pennies when we need to. Go for it Chris.

7 May, 2018

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