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If you feel like I do today, you will be too hot to look at this!


I am SO hot I don’t know what to do or where to sit!
I know it is soon to get cooler and I will miss the ever present blue skies but not the humid heat!

I have just been into the garden ( briefly ) to take a few sunny photos of plants that are coping with the heat.

Please tell me the name of the last one as I always forget it.

Only a few pictures as I don’t want to wear you out!

I wonder if you have been more active than I have?

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Is it Perovskia? The yellow Crocosmia looks good, would you know the variety at all?

I spent too long in the garden yesterday, weeding and removing some dead plants, felt exhausted in the evening. Therefore I have had a day in the shade today, relaxing with the Sunday crosswords and quizzes!

5 Aug, 2018


That's it Shirley, Perovskia. Thank you.

The yellow crocosmia has the misleading name of 'Buttercup!'

5 Aug, 2018


I love the heat provided you don’t have to do anything! It has given me the opportunity to sit and plan, dream and brainstorm how I would like to change my garden at the moment I have a lawn surrounded by borders, filled with bulbs, perennials and some annuals. Would like to create some more interest and incorporate some structures to grow roses around, paths and vistas. How exactly I do not know.....

5 Aug, 2018


I am also too hot Chris :( The air is thick and stuffy and I get difficulty moving around.
Sitting still is boring and I don't 'enjoy' doing that. I have to be pottering but when I do I feel dizzy in the heat and my arthritis gets worse.

I don't mind seeing some clouds scudding across the sky - it isn't so boring as plain blue. I also enjoy rain. It makes the place feel less dusty and gives it a freshness, and the smell of the damp soil and leaves is wonderful :)

Your garden is looking good and you have some nice colour there. It's nice to be able to go in the garden in the morning and evening.

5 Aug, 2018


Lovely flowers in your garden Wildrose. I love this hot weather... I struggle to cope in the cold winters. I've been working hard every day of recent sunny weeks, re-felting the roofs of my garden sheds. Story of the first shed is in my recent blog. x

5 Aug, 2018


the garden is looking lovely. I am up in Northumberland at Kielder reservoir and it is a cool 18c with a brisk breeze keeping the mozzies at bay. sailing tomorrow in light drizzle forecast.

but it has been too hot to garden but not for the weeds to grow grr.

5 Aug, 2018


Here in Bracknell it is supposed to start getting cooler on Wednesday (it was over 80F again today). It MIGHT be cool enough to go into the greenhouse!

5 Aug, 2018


You have some lovely colour there, Chris. It has been a wonderful summer, but I'm so glad that we have a shady seating area!

Amsterdam . . . it is fun changing the shapes in the garden and doesn't have to be too technical. You could try the library for books on garden design: one that inspired me is "Changing Gardens" by Susan Stephenson. Good luck.

6 Aug, 2018


Its not at all hot here, and has started drizzling. At least there's no worry about watering and we have been able to cut the grass at long last.
Do you know the name of the yellow Crocosmia please?
I love those pink lilies!

6 Aug, 2018


Thank you everyone and I think cooler weather is on its way generally in a day or two.

Stera the yellow crocosmia is called 'Buttercup.' We have the orange one dotted about the garden trying to take over, so this one is staying in a pot for a while!

Hope we all enjoy the fresher conditions plus a few showers. We will soon be looking forward to the next sunny day after that!!!

7 Aug, 2018


Thanks for that Wildrose.

7 Aug, 2018


I've not done any real garden for sometime, what with hospital visits with regards to my OH, and the oh so hot temperatures. You certainly have some lovely flowers especially the lilies.

12 Aug, 2018


Hello Chris, I have sent you a pm and hope you see this one. Take care. xxx

27 Aug, 2018


Thanks Rose, I have just replied.

27 Aug, 2018

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