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A day in the garden in the sunshine.


After I had finished the ironing, I was able to spend most of the day in the garden which was lovely. I could hear the birds singing and could smell grass being cut nearby. These things I can’t share with you but I did take a few photos to show you!

Some close ups to start with to show how much the plants seem to appreciate the sunshine too.

The holly placed in the pot with the crocuses was to keep the birds off them!

The jasmine in our small conservatory is about to flower yet again.

At the weekend we went to Wisley gardens for the first time. The blossom was at its best and we had a lovely time there. The alpine house was my favourite – I think!
I bought a few pots of very dainty narcissi from a spring flower festival being held in one of the marquees.

They are:
Angels’ Whispers
Tiny Bubble

To finish, here are some general views of the garden and three more close ups!

The close ups are:
Tulips ’ Peach Blossom.’ They are slightly scented.
Anemone Blanda ’ White Splendour’
Our first bluebell to flower!

It is getting cooler now, so I had better go and spread out the fleece in the greenhouse as it could be a frosty night! We bought these at our favourite nursery yesterday so I had better look after them properly!

This last erythronium will have pale pink flowers one day so I am really pleased to get it.

Hoping for more sunny days to come!

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some lovely buys there wild rose. which erythronium is it? I love them. I have a few named varieties now. but some never stay with me :o(

such happy flowers in the sun.

26 Mar, 2019


I love to see the bluebell woods Julia.

SBG - not sure because the man who sold it, had named it after his nursery because there are lots of them growing there in the woodland garden!

26 Mar, 2019


Oh yes wrap them up well W'rose, ole Jack Frost has not finished with us yet, I've never been to Wisley but seen lots of photo's that others have taken, I know I would like it there, alpine houses are always a favourite of mine and you have to treat yourself when visiting such places, lol, when I was a silly youngster I always bought myself a gift, usually something that would mean lots of dusting to do afterwards, the last 15yrs or so its always something from the plant or shrub sections..Lovely photographs....

26 Mar, 2019


Lincslass - the only disappointment with Wisley was that it was very crowded and we had to park quite a distance from the main entrance. It had a number of places for refreshments but they were all extremely busy. Still well worth the visit though!
Our local RHS Rosemoor is on a much smaller scale but is more manageable!

26 Mar, 2019


Lovely visit! I think these late narcissi are really more attractive than the big hefty daffodils, welcome and lovely as they are don't you? So glad you enjoyed the visit and found it well worth the trip in spite of the crowds and the parking...

26 Mar, 2019


Beautiful blog Chris :)))

27 Mar, 2019


Stera, I love all things small and dainty as they are so perfectly formed in miniature. Springtime is a perfect time for me because of the primroses, violets, bluebells etc. Our son and his family live near Wisley so I might get the chance to return one day!

Thank you Sheila, I had a whole day to myself out there and had a lovely time. I DID do SOME work !!!

27 Mar, 2019


You have such lovely plants especially that Jasmine it's gorgeous.

27 Mar, 2019


Glad you liked Wisley W/rose, mentioning blossom, just thinks about returning but giving a couple of weeks for the cherry blossom, and half term with Gchildren

That bluebell is early bird, just spotted one bud on mine this morning

27 Mar, 2019


Thrupennybit - thanks! The jasmine started of in a small pot and when we planted it in a corner of the conservatory it seemed to thrive and has really liked it there ever since.

Grandad - coincidentally we were at Wisley with our grand children! Zoe aged 3 loved it all but especially when we eventually arrived at the play area!!!

27 Mar, 2019


W/rose the play area is a fairly new addition, ours love it as well, but it gets closed when very wet & muddy

Seems play area are getting to be a "must" with a lot of gardens, keeps kids happy & hence parents

28 Mar, 2019


What a lovely spring display in your garden ,Chris,and you have some lovely plants to look forward to seeing in all their splendour, in your Greenhouse..I see you have a Sobaria Sem ,which is a wonderful plant :o)
So glad you enjoyed Wisley..we went a long time ago,and loved it too..and how lovely that there is a play area for children now..a welcome addition for Parents and Grandparents ,when the children start to get bored :o)

28 Mar, 2019


Bloomer, the Sobaria Sem is a new one for us but we spotted it and both liked it a lot. The prices of the plants at this particular nursery are very reasonable so we tend to get a bit carried away!!

Wisley was a real treat for me and I am so glad to have been there at last! It's a popular place though and was very crowded.

28 Mar, 2019


You certainly purchased some handsome plants Chris. I miss my Sobaria Sem from the old garden and feel I 'need' another! I feel a shopping expedition coming on . . .

29 Mar, 2019


I don't know how I missed this blog Chris ! You have a brilliant display of spring flowers. I brought a lot with me , but was late putting them in the garden, so put them in pots and they aren't flowering yet.
Ironing Chris ! Nooo! I always buy clothes that don't need ironing ! Hahaa!

1 Apr, 2019


Thanks so much for looking Rose. I think the lovely spring weather is about to change for a day or two - get the woollens out!!!

1 Apr, 2019

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