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A day in April without April showers!


It’s a day in April without April showers,
Just blackbirds and buds and beautiful flowers.

The sky is blue, there’s blossom on the trees.
I’ve seen a ladybird and a few bumble bees!

A day like today makes up for clouds and rain.
Dare I hope that tomorrow will be sunny again?

As the bulbs in my containers begin to fade, I am planting them in a small bed ready for next year. I usually dry the bulbs and replant in the autumn so I hope that this plan will work!

The blossom is almond and malus – which is only just coming out.

The cherry blossom is over now but it was so lovely this year that I will finish with a photo of it.
It is so good to see everything ( well most things) coming back to life in the garden and days like today are worth cherishing I think.

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Lovely! My cherry blossom ...the double one...hasnโ€™t even begun yet! I have my P.subhirtella and The dwarf cherry. My plum blossom is only just starting, and the malus are nowhere near. The pear blossom will be out soon. Its amazing how far behind we are. Surprises me very year! Weโ€™ve had full sun for four days in a row now, its been fabulous!

11 Apr, 2019


Cherishing days like these is so right Chris. Lovely blog, and I so agree - itโ€™s brilliant to see the bees (and butterflies) enjoying the warmth like us :)

11 Apr, 2019


W'rose the blossom this year is absolutely lovely, the bulbs are doing us proud and the spring flowers are putting on a grand show, put that with the return of lots of ladybirds, some butterflies, bees and even the wasps its made for a fabulous springtime, what more could a gardener wish for.. Lovely blog and photographs..

11 Apr, 2019


I have seen LOADS of ladybirds already! I have never seen so many in Scotland. They are all over my garden. They are resting in the bark mulch, and loads of the plants have them on too! We wonโ€™t have an aphid problem this year!

11 Apr, 2019


You must have had the same day weather wise as here, Chris....had the same feelings and it was warm enough to sit outside and read the Gardener's world mag.

11 Apr, 2019


A wonderful blog and lovely Photo's,Chris..and poetry as well ! It's been wall to wall sunshine here too,after chilly starts..We spent a day at the garden centre at Wentworth ,near to the Church where your son got married,so you were very much in my thoughts today.:o) I agree,the blossom has been spectacular this year. xx

11 Apr, 2019


Lovely photo's and you are right about taking the time to admire the blossom as it is so fleeting, but then if it were there all year, we wouldn't get fruit or berries and probably wouldn't appreciate it so much.
The purple Viola is lovely

11 Apr, 2019


Lovely blossom. My pear trees have opened their blossom fully today.

11 Apr, 2019


Lovely cheerful pics! This Spring has been wonderful for flowers - everything happening at once. there must be a lull soon while the next act is waiting in the wings!

11 Apr, 2019


Your garden is bursting with blooms it's lovely beautiful cherry blossom photos against that blue sky.

11 Apr, 2019


One day later.......

The air is cold, the skies are grey.
An extra sweater is needed today!!

Thank you all so very much for your interest and lovely comments.

Karen, our son lives in Scotland and he has also mentioned the large number of ladybirds in his garden. There must be a reason why there are so many of them with you! I only saw one yesterday and was thrilled to bits!

Sheila and Lincslass - unfortunately as well as butterflies and a few bees, we seem to have a lot of flies in our garden as well which is NOT nice! It has never happened before and I want the swallows to hurry back and have a good feast!

Julia, I don't think you will be sitting outside today! I certainly won't! When we can though, it is perfect!

Oh Sandra, you were close to that lovely church where we first met one another. Hope you had a nice, inexpensive time at the garden centre!! I think it is one of your favourites.

Honeysuckle and Siris - Alan Titchmarsh put in an article that if blossom wasn't such a fleeting thing, we wouldn't appreciate it like we do. It would be nice if it could last a little bit longer though!!

Stera, there will definitely be a lull today as the air is so cold! Bluebells are waiting in the wings here and my advice is to stay where they are and wait for a better day to open out properly!

Thrupennybit, all I can say is 'What a difference a day makes!' No blue sky, no sunshine, no butterflies but at least I can appreciate a mug of hot chocolate again today!

Many thanks to you all.

12 Apr, 2019


It's the same here Wildrose and really cold enjoy your drink of chocolate ๐Ÿ˜Š

12 Apr, 2019


We've also done a flip around, its very cold and grey today, would even need a jacket inside the greenhouse, still not a drop of rain, I used my hosepipe yesterday...

12 Apr, 2019


Yes, I had to use the hosepipe too ... canโ€™t let those precious plants die :)

12 Apr, 2019


Very pretty :)

13 Apr, 2019


Well Chris, you are a poet as well ! Lovely verse !
Your cherry tree looked amazing and its a shame the previous person who lived here decided to hack the big one in our garden down !
I second Karen about ladybirds. I have never seen so many and when I was starting in the front garden lifting turf I found what appeared to be a nest of them. I hope these are the good ladybirds !

14 Apr, 2019


gorgeous cherry tree in bloom. The whole garden really.

16 Apr, 2019

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