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Another look!


Some more garden photos taken today.
We have had a week of rather wet weather but the weekend has been better.
Hope it will be nice for all of us from now on.

Starting off in the porch, to the left are lavender and pinks, to the right are two white water lilies on our pond.

Next, a gentle wander along our paths.

A few close ups.


A favourite honeysuckle

White petunias in a pot.

Off under the rose arch where two pretty clematis are growing in amongst the white rose.

Now into the wilder part of our garden!
The area near our old bee hives

Some spare sweet peas doing quite well in a pot.

A pretty pale pink rambling rose near the greenhouse.

Last of all, two photos taken from the kitchen door.

It is now really windy outside so more of a challenge for the poor roses to face up to!

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Gorgeous! Didn’t realise you kept bees.

21 Jun, 2020


What a lovely, well established garden.

21 Jun, 2020


The new gravel paths are just right Chris...they seem to light up the borders.Your lawn looks very do all your plants...that spell of wet weather did a lot of good.

21 Jun, 2020


Love the view from the porch - it is so inviting! That was a lovely wander round your garden, and all your lovely climbers are a joy. Everything an English garden should be.

21 Jun, 2020


wow your garden looks gorgeous.
We have had a few heavy thundery downpours over the weekend but the garden smells fresher for it.

A lovely English garden to my mind too.

22 Jun, 2020


Thank you for all the kind things you have said.
We used to keep bees but haven't had any for two years now.
I wish we could grow lupins and delphiniums here but have tried in the past and they just feed the slugs and snails!!!

22 Jun, 2020


I love your gravel paths, so neat and tidy, unlike my paving paths that are constantly being undermined by a rampant mole! Every view you've shown invites you to explore further, beautiful 😊

23 Jun, 2020


It all looks beautiful Chris and so lush just the kind I like wandering round , I love the little boy reading his book his little chubby finger pointing at the words 😀 do you still have Bees our son has Bee hives ...

23 Jun, 2020


Oh no, garden envy again:-( I love your garden and my dogs would love the wild bit with long grass they could feast on, I have to let some grass grow in my beds, which is the only solution:-)

23 Jun, 2020


Gee I can just picture your little mole going at it hell for leather under your paths!
Amy, we haven't had bees now for two years but if a swarm came along I know somebody who would love to have them again!
So Ba just let a little bit of your garden go wild for your lovely dogs!!

23 Jun, 2020


Apart from beds, I only have paving, otherwise I would. May have to move house to find garden suitable for my dogs:-(

24 Jun, 2020


Wild rose your garden is quite beautiful. Will you ever keep be as again do you think? I'd love to have some.

26 Jun, 2020


Waddy have you been drinking? :-)))) Can i have some too whatever it is? :-))))

26 Jun, 2020


This made me smile!!!

Waddy the main reason we stopped having the bees was because of the visits from our young grand children.

I think John would really like to have them here again one day and if a swarm was offered I feel sure he would accept it. I am not a fan of honey but the honey from our bees was very special.

Ba, you always make me smile so please don't change! How do you feel about be es?!!!

27 Jun, 2020


A lovely wander around your garden, it looks so natural :)

27 Jun, 2020


Sadly no BA it's using my tablet which tends to correct my typing. ..even when it's right!

28 Jun, 2020


Just realised I didn't answer your question Chris, I love bees, although they do seem particularly stupid when they come in the house and, if it wasn't for my big bee and wasp glass and piece of card, would batter themselves to death on the .windows, even if they are open. I heard on radio4 the other day that queen bees speak to each other in squeaks, I think the sound is inaudible to humans. It was amazing:-)

1 Jul, 2020

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