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One question will be on your lips – When is it going to stop raining?!

At the moment it is pouring down yet again after a few brief glimpses of sunshine this morning!

Do take a look!

Look at the water gushing down the lane at the front of the house!

Come to think of it I tell you all this tale of woe every year at this time and in a few weeks spring arrives in all its glory!

I did treat myself to a hellebore yesterday from the supermarket and I have a nice pot of crocuses to show you too and a camellia, so it is not all doom and gloom …….not quite!!!

I heard some sad news about a local gardening expert called Sarah Chesters who was based at Rosemoor Gardens. She answered gardening questions on a weekly radio programme. She died at the young age of 60 which did make me sad. I used to take my class to her at Rosemoor and she thought of wonderful activities for the children to do. We will miss her very much.

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Well, at least you know from experience, Rose, that the rain will not last forever. Today has been mercifully dry here and I have managed to pot up the primroses I bought a few days ago, so that cheered me up.
I'm sorry to hear of the Rosemoor colleague. It's always a shock when it happens so early. She sounds like a kind, thoughtful person to work so well with the children.
Your daffs, hellebore and crocuses are smashing. Very colourful.

2 Feb, 2021


I think we share the same clouds Wildrose. About the only thing you can do in the garden here is make mud pies. its the price we pay for nice beaches and the occasional good sunny day... But the Hellebores are not discouraged by it thank goodness! Your flowers are very cheering anyway!

2 Feb, 2021


Bad luck Chris, but you’re managing to sound positive. We were forecast rain but are having mild sunshine, so perhaps it will reach you soon. I’m quite glad that we haven’t got to go far (I did have a walk this morning).

A friend has just been round to collect two gardening books .... she stood a good distance from the front door and we had a ten minute chat! The highlight of my day!!

Love your Spring plants.

2 Feb, 2021


Anget, it does feel like 'forever' at the time!! The weather forecast has just been on and apparently we are in for long sunny spells tomorrow! I wonder???

Yorkslass, don't mention mud to me!!! My word there is so much mud out there and I nearly fall head over heels each time I go down the garden!

Sheila, glad you were able to have a nice chat with your friend. We are so pleased when something a little out of the ordinary happens. I just phoned the dentist and am amazed that I can go on Thursday - am I pleased, not really sure!!!

2 Feb, 2021


Yes ,rather a lot of mud and water there,Chris..we have had at least 6 " of snow overnight,which started about 4am,causing so much chaos for people trying to get to work,etc,and a lot of Schools and buses cancelled.We now have thick dense fog,but a glimmer of hope,as it has started to rain.I just hope it's enough to shift it,and not be like the sodden ground that you have !
I love your cheery spring selection of flowers,and can't wait to see some colour in my garden now.Not even a Snowdrop is tempted to appear ! I shall enjoy looking at yours,till then :o) ..It's forecast that we may get a bit of sunshine and higher temps tomorrow ..yippee !

2 Feb, 2021


sleet and snow for us this morning then drizzle all day. just heard it hammering on the conservatory roof too. We are also very wet and I am hoping for a better end of the week.
nice hellebore purchase.

2 Feb, 2021


Feels like it has been raing down here for the last four months, just never ending, tell a lie think last sat was ok i managed to get to the garden house to see the snowdrops and crocus starting to bloom

2 Feb, 2021


Paul, we haven't had one snowflake fall on us just to change the greyness for a little while!

Bloomer that sounds like a horrid day with you today. All that snow and then dense fog. I hope it has begun to improve because fog plus darkness is not a good combination.

SbG, sounds as if you have had your fill of all this rain too! I too shall hope for a better end to the week.

Davey, yes we have had quite enough of grey skies and pouring rain. Our local reservoir has never been so full!!

2 Feb, 2021


Klahanie, that was so nicely put.
I often think how lovely it would be if everyone on here could meet up one day!
Once we get to February IF we do have a sunny day it is often very pleasant indeed so I am hoping that one of those days is just around the corner - for both of us!!

2 Feb, 2021


The rain you get is just going on and on isn't it, with no let up! I hope the water isn't getting in to your home Chris!
I love your Hellebore and just getting out for a while does cheer you up!
I was sorry to hear about your friend dying. How young and very sad!
I hope you are not getting too depressed with the weather !
Spring will soon be here !
We have had a lot more rain than we usually get and can't wait to get out in the garden again.
Take care and stay safe! xxx

3 Feb, 2021


Rose, lovely to hear from you. I am surprised that you have had a lot of rain too. Yes, won't it be great to get out into the garden and do something again without squelching in the mud?!!
There are certainly jobs out there calling me now!!
So looking forward to the spring.

4 Feb, 2021


Me too Chris! I have so many new ideas for the garden!

4 Feb, 2021


Yep !!! Rain , rain and even more rain, although we did get snow last week which made a change, in the last two days we have had a couple of sunny spells in the afternoon only for it to pour at night, yes, I'm squelching over mud if I venture down the garden so not a lot going on other than wandering to see what is flowering, I'm with all of you and longing for the springtime....Forecast for later and over the weekend is heavy snowfall...Sigh !!!! Lovely photo's W'rose despite the raindrops on the windows...

5 Feb, 2021


Lincslass I can tell you are just about as fed up of the wetness and the mud as I am!! I think we might be in for some snow too, in the next few days. Have just been watching Death in Paradise, palm trees, sandy beaches, deep blue skies, warm summery evenings..........aah well!!!

5 Feb, 2021


Chris I think we're all ready for some spring like weather! What with Covid, lock-downs and not seeing our family and friends it's all making winter seem twice as long.
I've watched our pond overflow and just as it looked as if things were brightening up, we've got the snow again (sigh!)
I was going to watch Jane Mc Donald in Cuba, but for some reason they've changed it to a 'B' rated film. I can't win!

8 Feb, 2021


Where we live in East Anglia, 20 miles from Cambridge, we have have had another wet winter. We live in the "driest" region of the UK but even so the river has overflowed its bank 2 or 3 times this winter! We also had a few days with a few cm of snow. Fortunately it didn't last more than a couple of days as, like Hywel, I don't like the snow - it's too colddddd! I also say it should stay up in the mountains where it belongs! 😂

I had to move (several times) all my planters & pots further into the balcony & further away from the railings. As our balcony juts out an extra 50cm it gets the drippings from the 5 balconies above us as well as the normal rain! I was worried my Pansies & Violas would rot with so much water in the soil!

4 Mar, 2021

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