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HOPE was all around today.


Today was such a beautiful day that I came to realise that looking round the garden there is a lot to look forward to and that the garden holds lots of hope and promise for the future.
It is time to look forward.

A deep blue sky with just a few fluffy white clouds.

A newly planted trough containing thyme, sedum, saxifrage and arabis.

Our Donation camellias have had more flowers than ever this year.

These plants came through the long winter in
the greenhouse.

After a few years without bees we are going to get some more, they arrive in May.

My husband has started to plant up and sow seeds in his new raised bed. So far, strawberries, lettuces, peas and broad beans.

Self seeded primroses are dotted around the garden. I love them so they can pop up wherever they like!

Aubretia do not do well in our garden but I am having one last attempt to grow one and keep it!

Pansies surrounding a white dianthus.

Prunus Nipponica ‘ Briliant’

Prostranthera flowering in the porch, a little later than last year.

Hoping for sunny days ahead and healthy ones too for all of us.

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That's a very pretty shrub, it self clinging or a true climber Chris?

24 Mar, 2021


You have some really nice plants there, W'Rose. I can't keep aubrieta, either. I have only 2 plants remaining after several attempts. It has been a lovely afternoon here, too. It definitely felt like Spring.

24 Mar, 2021


Lovely wildrose love the new trough. it's been very grey here today we had the best day yesturday.

24 Mar, 2021


Love your Prunus, and I have never seen Prosthantera such a size ... must be happy 🙂.

24 Mar, 2021


Lots to look forward to. Hope all around indeed.

24 Mar, 2021


Let's anticipate more Hope flowering well into Autumn.

25 Mar, 2021


Let's anticipate more Hope flowering wellinto Autumn.

25 Mar, 2021


Meadowland, the prostanthera isn't a climber it is just a shrub which has become quite tall.
Paul, the tree is a Rhus, and was brought here from North Wales about 30 years ago!
Thank you all - looks like another nice day again today.

25 Mar, 2021


A lovely springtime blog. Nice that you can have hope, it keeps us going ...
Good luck with the bees.
Your Prostanthers is colourful, it has reminded me that I want to replace mine ... another one to get soon :)

25 Mar, 2021


Thanks Chrisx

25 Mar, 2021


Don't the sun and blue skies lift our spirits?
I like you newly planted trough. It should look really good as it establishes. I'm so glad you have decided to get some more bees. I wish I had room for them, but even here our garden isn't big enough and the garden in our new house is even smaller.
Good luck with the aurbretia!

25 Mar, 2021


Lovely blog and photo's W'rose, they do say "Hope Springs Eternal", xx

25 Mar, 2021


Chris, this has made me smile. Just seeing so much Spring colour definitely lifts the spirits. Thanks for sharing.

25 Mar, 2021


Also, I found this info. regarding the difference between Primroses and Primulas.

Primroses and polyanthus are both primulas. Primula is the botanical name for both and for dozens of other primulas too, which grow wild all around the northern hemisphere. The botanical name for primrose is Primula vulgaris and Primula veris is our other common primula, the cowslip.

Polyanthus look very much like primroses but instead of having individual flowers on their own stalk growing from the centre of the leaves, polyanthus have a thick stem that carry a bunch of blooms well above the leaves. Otherwise the flowers look much the same and in the same range of colours.

25 Mar, 2021


Thank you everybody.
My hope for yet another lovely day was rather optimistic!
There has been a never ending queue of black clouds lining up to cover the sun. Every time another one turned up it became very chilly indeed!
Hope that you have had a better day.

25 Mar, 2021


Good news that you are restocking the hives - exciting times! Love the interplay of sun and shade in your photos - it all look very attractive and springlike.

25 Mar, 2021


Lovely blog and pics, Chris! Your trough is inspiring, it’s very attractively planted up! I can foresee the plants cascading over the edges nicely..
Your camellia is a beauty, a strong colour too.
I’ll bet you are excited about having the bees back! What a wonderful thing! It definitely looks like you are ready for not just the bees, but, you are ready for the next gardening step! All looking so neat and tidy..
The prunus is awash with blossom, it’s very pretty.

26 Mar, 2021


Chris, my apologies for putting that info. re Primrose/Primula on this blog. Another senior moment I'm afraid as this question was asked by Sheilabub, not yourself!
Off for a lie-down in a darkened room now . . . :o)

26 Mar, 2021


Thanks for such joyful comments, Spring is definitely in the air!
Shirley please don't apologise. I was very interested in the info and learnt something new from it! x

26 Mar, 2021


Your garden is full of spring plants Chris ! I love your trough and the camelia is beautiful ! Everything in your garden is so much further on than mine! The camelias are still in bud and for whatever reason, the primroses don't self seed! Maybe its because I had to gravel everywhere because of the fox! I am just trying something else now called Red Eye which flashes all night giving the impression (hopefully) of other animals!

26 Mar, 2021


A lovely blog Chris it makes you realize we do have a lot to look forward to , good luck with the Bees there are several hives in a wood near us, they are so important to the wellbeing of the world ....

26 Mar, 2021


Rose that fox has been a real nuisance but I do hope the new Red Eye will send him packing!
It is the very first year that the primroses have spread all over the place and it is possibly due to all the rain that we get down here!!

Amy, we have hesitated to replace our bees because of the grand children's visits but John was really missing having them here. The grand children will just have to be 'roped off' when they arrive!

26 Mar, 2021


Lovely pics, Wildrose ...
and positive thoughts for warmer weather 😁

27 Mar, 2021

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