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Brightening up the hellebore bed.


I have had the dreaded virus and when I was once more allowed out, I went to my favourite garden centre to buy a few plants to fill the gaps in our hellebore bed.

I bought two new hellebores


’Glenda’s Gloss’

I have only just found out to make my photos smaller so that I can create a blog! It has taken nearly a week!

Here are some more photos of the same flower bed.

In the lawn one or two bulbs are in flower. They looked so pretty in the sunshine.

Early days I know but it does give you hope for the weeks ahead!

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certainly does give you hope doesn't it?
Lots of 'noses' poking out of the ground now. Looking forward to spring.

5 Feb, 2022


I'm glad you've been able to resize your photos, your garden is beginning to wake up nicely :)

6 Feb, 2022


Hope you have fully recovered, Chris...your early Spring arrivals are very welcome.

6 Feb, 2022


Hope you’re feeling better and on the mend, Chris? It’s a horrid virus.
You’re spring garden is looking inspiring! Lots of pretty colours and blooms. Hellebores we’re a smashing purchase! The colour in pic 4 is very attractive, love the petal textures too.
Keep well! Pleased you got your resizing sorted, it’s not the easiest task. x

6 Feb, 2022


Sbg I was filled with hope but today has been a horrid day here - wet, windy and cold!!!
Hywel, thank you. It took nearly a week for me to work out a way to do it but at least it worked!
Julia - the virus was not nice but we are both over it now except for tiredness which suddenly hits us! Hope you have stayed well.
Kate - thanks for your kind words. It surprised me just how unwell we both felt but it could have been so much worse. I did love returning to the garden centre and grabbing a basket! I was determined to go home with something!!!

6 Feb, 2022


Chris, I love those Hellebores, especially 'Moonshine' as I seem to be drawn to white flowers at the moment.

Do take care with your health and have plenty of rest. We discovered today that our 9 year old grandaughter has tested positive for the second time! Mild symptoms, thank goodness.

6 Feb, 2022


Beautiful photos. Glad you are feeling better, look after yourself.
P S I am having problems loading photos . I have sent an email but I have not yet had a response !,

6 Feb, 2022


Sorry to hear you've been unwell, W'rose, and glad you have found things to cheer you up. The hellebores are attractive and signs of spring are always welcome. It lifts the spirits even if the weather can be treacherous!

6 Feb, 2022


Shirley, we caught the virus from our grand daughter, who thankfully was hardly unwell at all.
Marjorie, I think a few of us have had the same problem and I didn't receive a reply either.

6 Feb, 2022


Chris, your garden is going to look just like spring when it is all planted up! It's great you feel like going in your garden now and I have to find out how to reduce the photos too! Then I can send the pictures on to you! xxx

7 Feb, 2022


Anget I am not very fond of January and February and long for the spring. You can get some lovely days in February though so here's hoping!!

Rose thank you. I do love the spring and always try to create a look of spring close to the kitchen window so that when I look out it looks cheerful and pretty!

7 Feb, 2022


Chris, eight out of the fifteen colleagues my daughter works with (most of them working from home) are off with Covid and all of them have children of school age!

7 Feb, 2022


Oh dear Shirley. It must be spreading like wildfire but thankfully the children themselves don't get too ill at all.

7 Feb, 2022


So sorry to hear you've had the virus - glad you are feeling somewhat recovered. What better to celebrate than Hellebore shopping? Its an exciting time garden-wise. Love the Hellebores (isn't Moonshine lovely? )but the Witchhazel is the winner this week!

7 Feb, 2022


Chris, definitely something to be thankful for . . . :o)

8 Feb, 2022


Stera it is just the right time for witch hazel isn't it? They are not at their best for very long so you have to take notice of them!!
Today there was actually the scent of Spring on the air.

Shirley :-) x

8 Feb, 2022


I'd like to say they look lovely - but I can't see the photos of the plants! 😞 All the other pictures of avatars are visible - just not your lovely Hellebores! 😞

9 Feb, 2022


Chris, I saw the photos on the day, but now they have all vanished!
What is going on!

10 Feb, 2022


Oh dear, so they have!!!

Goodness knows what is going on!

10 Feb, 2022


Unfortunately your photos still haven't shown up - after 2 days!

11 Feb, 2022


Goodness knows what has happened to them now !!!

12 Feb, 2022


4 days later (16th Feb) & still no pictures of your Hellebores! 😞

15 Feb, 2022

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