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Spring sunshine!


Today has been sunny AND warm. It was lovely!
Here is our garden in the spring sunshine.

This alpine pot contains:
A pale pink primula ( name unknown)
Helianthemum Wisley Primrose
Saxifrage Splendens
Thyme Silver Posie

A new purchase Corylopsis to replace the ceonothus by the pond.

The bees were enjoying the warm weather too.
Spot the resident bee keeper in the second photo!

Daphne flowers hiding!

A pretty lemon saxifrage

And last of all my favourite Spring flower of all – the primrose. We have managed to grow a lot of them on the bank outside our garden. They grow wild in the hedgerows of Devon.

May there be sunshine and hope for everyone soon.

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Beekeeper Slacking? Sorry my comments keep locking up, second attempt. Lovely plants.

14 Mar, 2022


Our blogs cover the same theme this evening! The delights of a lovely day - glad you've enjoyed it too. Your spring plants are delightful, W'rose.

14 Mar, 2022


Your blogs are always uplifting and pretty, Chris.How lovely to see the primroses growing naturally in the Devon hedgerows.

14 Mar, 2022


Siris I think he is inspecting a frame in the picture! He was pleased with what he found and the bees are doing well!
Anget - so pleased you enjoyed your time outside today too and you got a lot done!
Julia the primroses are a joy to see. I think the colour of them is so pretty.

14 Mar, 2022


Your garden looks lovely ...full of cheerful spring flowers on sunny day.
I am still waiting for our sunshine. Hopefully soon.

14 Mar, 2022


What a lovely colourful sight,Chris,and your photo's are so clear,and vibrant .A wonderful selection of springtime at it's best. Thank you for brightening my day :o) x

14 Mar, 2022


lots of cheerful colour and pleased the bees are doing well.

14 Mar, 2022


It's so lovely to see so many spring flowers opening at the slightest bit of warmth & sunshine!

On our balcony the Daffs are opening & the Grape Hyacinths as well! Crocuses now finished.

14 Mar, 2022


Wow Chris!!! Lots of very vivid spring colour in your blog!!! Lovely and very cheering pics of your garden. I'm pleased to hear the bees are doing very well too!

14 Mar, 2022


Klahanie I hope the sun finds you very soon!

Bloomer thank you - I do love spring flowers and they brighten up my days too!

Sbg - the bees came through the winter very well. They loved it in the sunshine today, very happy to get out of the hive.

Balcony, I really enjoy the crocuses and am sorry when they are over. Grape hyacinths are very pretty though and daffodils are just perfect!

Kate, thank you, the cut down photos seemed to work better today than last times efforts which were blurry!

14 Mar, 2022


Unfortunately all the pictures in your blog have flown! ๐Ÿ˜ข

15 Mar, 2022


Oh dear,I've just noticed they have disappeared too ! :o(.

15 Mar, 2022


I can't view your photos Wildrose. I just have a lot of blue squares with ? marks on them, nothing happens when I tap on them.

15 Mar, 2022


I am so sorry Balcony, Bloomer and Feverfew it is a problem with the website at the moment. It is very annoying!

15 Mar, 2022


I wish I had been able to see your pictures of the garden Chris, but they have vanished! Isn't it annoying!
I am sure it all looked lovely! xx

16 Mar, 2022


It is annoying, Chris,but on the bright side,I did manage to see them before they went into 'goodness knows where' !
Thank you for posting them anyway.. xx

16 Mar, 2022


" they went into 'goodness knows where' ! "

To the great compost heap in the sky for dying gardening sites! ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

16 Mar, 2022


Rose and Bloomer you are both so very kind to me.
Balcony that did bring a smile to my face - thank you!!

16 Mar, 2022

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