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Our garden in the rain.


The welcome rain fell on Sunday and it has rained again today.
Everything is so much fresher for it and out I went to take a few photos in the gloom.

The seat that catches the evening sunshine – but not today!

The one bee hive has become two now! The third is empty.

The new apple tree is ‘Sunset’

The apple blossom has done very well this year.

The wisteria was caught by cold winds and has not done as well this year.

There are some pretty colours out there at the moment.

and just in case you missed them on my photos here are my freshly weeded steps which were very hard work!!

Thank goodness for rainy days but just a few will do!!!

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Lovely blog,Chris showing some very pretty shrubs...I'm sure the weeding of the steps was difficult...that short rainy period has certainly livened up the garden.

3 May, 2022


Yes, Julia, it was much needed wasn’t it? I am not a huge fan of watering so a regular shower now and then would be most welcome!!

3 May, 2022


what a lovely blog Chris. The shrubs look beautiful. We also had a little rain but could do with some more really.

3 May, 2022


Thank you Sbg, it looks like more rain for us today with heavy black clouds overhead. We want to go to Rosemoor so hope it stays dry!

4 May, 2022


You have a delightful garden, W'rose. It all looks very natural. The steps look good, too!

4 May, 2022


Lovely blog and photo's W'rose, seems its going to be a good year for fruit, I do love apple blossom, its so pretty, you've made a very good job with the steps..
At long last we are having intermittent rain showers today, could really do with it being constant for a few days but some is better than none at all....

4 May, 2022


Your garden looks lovely Chris! I love all your shrubs too and it's a shame about the wisteria!
The blossom on your trees are so beautiful and you will have plenty of fruit this summer!
You did a really good job with those steps and the lawn looks very pristine! Not like mine at the moment! Haha! x

4 May, 2022


Everything looks wonderful, Wildrose! A little rain can do wonders in a spring garden, can't it?

Your apple blossom is fantastic as well! Hope you get a decent crop of apples!

4 May, 2022


Thank you Anget. We do like it to have a more informal look. Due to the weeds that is quite easy!!
Lincslass the apple blossom has been particularly good but our cherry blossom, earlier in the year was non existent!
Rose, the lawn wasn’t too good when I took these photos but we mowed out there today and it looks better now! Not a dandelion to be seen!!
Balcony thank you. Yes a nice crop of apples would be very nice but last year we had TOO many and couldn’t give them away in the end!!

5 May, 2022


Lovely garden, so much colour.

6 May, 2022


Wonderful apple blossom! Only one of our three new trees had blossomed but never mind, I enjoyed your blossom instead! Well done weeding the steps - a fiddly job but rewarding.
We have been promised rain but so far it hasn't appeared - fingers crossed! It seems awfully early to get the hose out but the way things are going here it might be needed sooner rather than later...
You have a very pretty mix of colours there - enjoy!

6 May, 2022


Thank you Feverfew - our garden is always at its best at this time of year then it does go downhill!
Stera, thank you too. I am sorry you have not got a lot of apple blossom this year. It does vary so much doesn’t it? Our wisteria has been very poor this year as has our cherry tree. I think cold winds came just at the wrong time.

6 May, 2022


There seems to be many more dandelions this year Chris!
When I think I have removed them all, more appear! x

7 May, 2022


Chris, you have such a delightful garden, I'm interested to know why one of the Beehives is empty .....

18 May, 2022


Shirley we have a lot of empty hives that John has collected over the years! He really only wants two hives now to look after. Also there is always the worry at the back of our minds that one of the grand children might get stung.

18 May, 2022


Hmm, that's always a concern. On our village news last week, a Beekeeper wrote that it's Bee swarming time and if anyone sees a cluster of Bees on a branch, or in a hedge, leave them be!

18 May, 2022

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