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The Platinum Jubilee is over.


What a memorable four days it has been – a once in a lifetime experience.
So many beautiful images of The Queen, what an exceptional lady she is.

There was so much I enjoyed but would like to know what YOUR best memories of the celebrations are.

I hope you all had a special time.

(P.S. I think Paddington Bear leading up to Queen’s performance was probably my favourite moment!)

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Yes, it was wonderful to be able to enjoy the celebrations from the comfort of our homes. There were so many imaginative touches, especially the brilliant way Buckingham Palace was lit during the concert; the gospel choir, Thomas Heatherwick’s fabulous lit up tree, and certainly tea with Paddington Bear.

5 Jun, 2022


It's been an amazing few days Chris , it's thrilling to see so much love not only here but also around the world for our wonderful Queen .
Our best day was Thursday, our daughter did a wonderful tea party BBQ I made the desserts ,Trifles ,cakes etc. all decorated red,white & blue made special with all the family together mums dads sons daughter boyfriends and girlfriends ,I loved it all .. I hope your day was memorable for you x

6 Jun, 2022


I enjoyed The Trooping of the colour, the service in W.Abbey, tea with Paddington bear & the lighting up of the palace. The Queen looked lovely, she has done a grand job for 70 years.

6 Jun, 2022


From across the pond.....she has lived her life in an exemplary fashion for her country and still does. What I am about to say some of you may understand....if not tea with Paddington....I would have liked to see the Queen have tea with Liz (from the tv series - Keeping Up Appearances.)

6 Jun, 2022


Thank you for your lovely comments and memories. It really was a very special time and will hold many memorable moments for us, both personal and national.

6 Jun, 2022


I agree Chris, I loved that and then to see her take out the marmalade sandwich!
She looked so well and happy!
I can't really pin point which ones I liked the best, but the pageant on the Sunday afternoon was amazing and all the work gone in to designing it!
But the Platinum Show was amazing! And the lighting! Well , what can I say!! Incredible!
Rick loved the parades and it seemed to bring a tear to his eye! Seeing them on the balcony too with the little ones!
We will never see anything like this again in our life time!
Very special! xx

7 Jun, 2022


Rose I agree with everything you have put here. We will never see anything like it again. It was all so wonderful.

7 Jun, 2022


Love the Queen, she is a remarkable lady. She is our Queen too in Canada. Best monarch this world has ever seen .

8 Jun, 2022


A lovely message - thank you Klahanie.

9 Jun, 2022


We loved it all,Chris, and watched it all,over the weekend. how lucky we are,to have had our Queen for all these years,she is a wonderful Lady. I loved the Paddington Bear sketch,which gave it so much Humour, and to have 'Queen' opening the celebrations was a fitting start to it all.
As we were on holiday last Thursday,we were given Commemorative mugs,and flags by our Hotel,which was a nice touch. .:o).We recorded it all,so I will enjoy watching it again one day. :o) x

9 Jun, 2022


I just knew you would love it Sandra and am so pleased you were able to see so much of it even though you were on holiday.
Have you seen the lovely sketch of the Queen with Paddington? Just Google it and you will see it!

10 Jun, 2022


Yes,we did see the sketch ,Chris,as we were back home on Friday,so we watched it all on both days, just wonderful.. x

10 Jun, 2022


Sorry Sandra I did not explain myself properly!!
Have you seen the drawing by an artist of the Queen holding Paddington’s hand - it is lovely? Google it and it will find it for you!!!

10 Jun, 2022


Oh, I misunderstood,and yes, Chris,I saw it on F/book , isn't it wonderful,and she is a Yorkshire Artist too ! Lol. xx

11 Jun, 2022


Phew we made it!!

Yes it is such a lovely picture!! I hadn’t realised she was a Yorkshire girl - but then of course she is!!!:-)

11 Jun, 2022


Ha ha, yes,we usually get there in the end Lol .I'm sure

I'm sure there is someone equally as talented in North Devon ,Chris,she may just not have been 'discovered' yet ! :o)) . x.

11 Jun, 2022


Well it certainly ain’t me!!!

11 Jun, 2022


I loved every bit of all the Jubilee Celebrations, my favorite has to be the programme about the royal family that had not been shown before, the whole celebration reduced me to tears lots of times, I laughed at the children and the expressions on their faces , especially when the concert was on, they did so well sitting for all those hours. I have loved our Queen all my life, she is one very special lady. and has done us proud....

17 Jun, 2022

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