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It’s just TOO hot!!!


Today I have done next to nothing because it really is just too hot!!!

So I have taken a few photos outside. Everything is looking so thirsty now and even the trees are beginning to look stressed.

We save up all our ‘grey’ water and try to give a drink to the most needy plants each evening. So far we have lost an Australian mint bush and our Daphne is looking very sorry for itself.

How are you coping?
How are you dealing with watering?

We went to see the Red Arrows yesterday and they were down to just 6 planes instead of 9 – why is nothing quite right at the moment?!!!

Three extra photos for you now.

The Red Arrows at Falmouth yesterday. Not a very good picture though.

Trebah Gardens near Falmouth looked beautiful yesterday and it was so cool and shady.

We have lots of honey for sale outside our house!

Hope you enjoyed this random set of photos and that you and your gardens are doing ok in the circumstances! We shall miss this weather in mid January – won’t we? !!!!!

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Well done Chris, and it’s lovely to see Trebah gardens again. We are also saving grey water and have been chucking it onto precious shrubs and new ornamental grasses. Apart from that, I take the hosepipe for a walk every evening, fairly late, and do all the pots on one side, then the other side the next evening.

Such a relief to see that temperatures are forecast to drop next week, and we might even have some welcome rain!

11 Aug, 2022


Chris, I enjoyed your random set of photos! Your Honey looks tasty. It is 8pm now, just watered pots and front baskets with a watering can and the temp. in the greenhouse is 76 degrees.

Our hosepipe is now in the garage, means I am not tempted to use it, but I do think a hosepipe ban will be enforced before too long. There were two large field fires earlier today in West Sussex.

My garden casualties are a Lavender, only planted in the Spring this year, and an apple tree in a pot which is looking about to die. I give the Roses and Hydrangeas a good soak on alternate evenings.

11 Aug, 2022


Sheila I too am looking forward to lower temperatures next week and rain would be wonderful!
Julia that is really sad news about the Red Arrows. Might they have to stop completely one day do you think?
Shirley I have just been outside watering and it was almost pleasant out there!! Indoors it is still airless, not very nice at all. Hydrangeas DO get thirsty don’t they?

11 Aug, 2022


lovely blog and I remember that garden well.
on the news today Yorkshire water are imposing a hosepipe ban on the 26th. So I will also be putting the hosepipe into the garage just so it is out of sight. I haven't been using it for a while now. I have been using the washing up water for weeks now.

Due to have some rain next week so fingers crossed.

12 Aug, 2022


Sbg- I have never valued washing up water so much in all my life!!! No ban as yet in the south west but it will come. It does look as if we might get some rain next week and I hope it falls on each of our gardens in large amounts!!

12 Aug, 2022


Like you I'm using waste water, my hosepipe is a permanent fixture so it stays where it is, not wasting it though, I did have to use it last week to top up the pond, I checked Anglian Water page first to make sure I was allowed, the garden is looking very sad, I've lost a fair amount but nothing that can't be replaced, saying that I'm really worried about my acers, they are nearly bare and leaves that remain are not happy, hoping they will be alright next year, I'm never sure how much water to give them, I've stood trays underneath all but the largest tub, still looking for one large enough for that one otherwise I'll keep hoping, apart from walking around in the evenings watering a few and deadheading the roses / flowers that are producing I'm not gardening, even the weeds aren't growing, I cannot bear this heat so spending my days indoors, my mojo has long gone and to top it up I took a tumble last week, hurt my right hand again...I keep telling myself that the rains will come and we will get a lovely autumn show, we have to think forwards don't we... Photo's are lovely W'rose x

12 Aug, 2022


I loved your photos Chris!
I do hope the Red Arrows don't finish as I know, like me, how much you love them!
The picture of the gardens looks so inviting and wish we lived nearer so that we could visit too!
I hope John sold all his honey! xx

12 Aug, 2022


Funny you should say that about the Red Arrows. They were at RAF Shawbury yesterday in Shropshire as we attended the families day. They were 3 planes down. We stood on the baking concrete to watch them display and despite numbers being down it was still amazing. One pilot had the flu and 2 others have been taken off flight due to personal reasons. My hubby flies (taxies) them around in the summer as they sometimes do more than one event daily. But I was glad to be home and recover in the shade in my garden. Must admit it’s too hot to do anything in the garden & sad to see plants suffering…..

12 Aug, 2022


Chris, I gave both of my Lacecap Hydrangeas 3 cans full of 'grey water' yesterday and they have definitely perked up overnight!

12 Aug, 2022


Julia, I noticed some Hellebores were looking 'flat' so gave them the 'grey water' treatment ... good result as they are upright today ... :o)

12 Aug, 2022


Lovely garden, W'rose, despite the lack of rain

12 Aug, 2022


Dear Lincslass, I feel exactly like you do and am spending a lot of time indoors. Today I felt so sad wandering round the garden actually seeing the plants suffering and almost asking for water. I am so sorry you have hurt your hand again. If the rain comes down we shall all feel so much better.

Rose I think the Red Arrows WILL carry on but I think they have had a difficult few years. Longing for rain now and for it to cool down!

Amsterdam thank you for explaining why there were only 6 Red Arrows. We couldn't hear the commentary so missed out on all the information. I do love watching them and am glad you did too. Many people watched them from the beach and I don't know how they stuck it!!! Even the shade of the garden is still too hot!!

Shirley it certainly keeps us on our toes but I feel as if I should be doing more!

Thank you Anget, some plants are looking very sad now though.

Meadowland - it is not nice seeing everything suffer so much and not being able to look after everything properly. We all feel the same at the moment and it is not nice.


12 Aug, 2022


I think we are all doing our bit,and as much as we can ,to save precious water,Chris, and it's something we have always done,so it's seldom we have to use a Hosepipe.There again,I guess it's an advantage at times like these,that we don't have a huge garden!

Some of my Lobelia are not faring well,but the rest seem ok. I'm very impressed with all the Honey you have this year,the bees have done you proud ! :o).
Trebah Gardens has always been a place I would have love to visit,but a shame it is so far away .:o(
Stay cool,if possible,and it looks as though we may get some respite next week..fingers crossed.
Meanwhile ,I shall NOT feel guilty about doing nothing much at all,and making the most of sitting under the Umbrella, and the occasional potter,etc :o) xx

13 Aug, 2022


Love your "random" set of lovely pics, Chris!
Great pic of the red arrows, they are always fab to see aren't they! Just hope we don't lose them!
We haven't been to Falmouth for, oh around 8 or so years...loved it there. It was a very hot July and the hotel was facing the seafront. It was the Royal Duchy i recall, which was fine. We stayed at a few places in ten days. Ww managed to visit Trebah and Heligan. Your pic at Trebah is just gorgeous, brings back lovely memories.
Loving your honey display!!! Hope you have lots of people stopping buy..fresh is best!
You're so right, come January we'll all be feeling cold and miserable and desperate for warm sunshine...maybe not the heat but summer weather! Definitely cooler here at 28 degrees than where you are. 🌞😊

13 Aug, 2022


Just taken the thermometer outside - 100 degrees! I've never seen that before.There's no way you can stay outside except in the shade. Luckily we can open window and door and get a N/S draught right through. What a relief! Just put a bucketful of grey water on the Camelia - I got no flowers last year because I didn't water it in the summer.
Your views of Falmouth look lovely. It would be good to go down to the beach and have a paddle but its too hot...!

13 Aug, 2022


Sue, I measured the temp here in the sunshine and its 98 degrees!!!! Crikey. All windows are wide open and I'm in the shade under an umbrella..temp obviously reading lower in the shade..

13 Aug, 2022


Bloomer I will follow your excellent example and thoroughly enjoy ‘being busy doing nothing!’
Between the hours of 10 am and 7pm it has just been TOO hot to do anything much!!!
One day Sandra you must get to Trebah - it is a special place and so much nicer than Glendurgan Gardens next to it!

Kate we have also stayed at the Royal Duchy usually just for one night to save us the long drive home which we often do in the day. It is a very nice hotel with those lovely views out to sea. I do love Trebah and it was especially enjoyable on Wednesday as it was lovely and cool on the shaded paths.

Stera our porch is 100 degrees at the moment too! It is hard to believe what you are seeing isn’t it? Can’t get comfy anywhere today somehow, but it should be cooling down in the next hour or so!!

13 Aug, 2022


It's been a bit cooler here today,only in the high 30's ! We still have all the doors open,throughout,and I've been in my comfy chair under the Umbrella,since lunchtime.We.dined al fresco, all day,including Breakfast,and I will be staying here till bedtime ! OH might watch something on TV later,

Got the Newspaper and a puzzle book to keep me entertained ..:o)..Oh,and had the occasional nod,in between ! I did bake a cake and made a fruit salad this morning,and I've just taken a few photo's,so not an entirely wasted day..Lol.

13 Aug, 2022


Chris we were there 3 nights out of our ten day trip. It was such a beautiful outlook! The weather capped it off..we always had the swimming pool to ourselves too!!! I can see why you'd spent the night there when it's too late to drive home!

13 Aug, 2022


Bloomer that sounds a really lovely day for you. Here it was uncomfortably hot outside for most of the day and was nicer indoors. I did read the paper outside and I sat in full sun for 10 minutes!!! I love the evenings to potter around in though! We seem to be living on fruit salads at the moment!!!

What a really lovely stay you had Kate. Hope you decide to go back there one day. The Duchy is waiting for you!!!

13 Aug, 2022


Sandra baking a cake must have made the kitchen even hotter! Hope it turned out really scrummy!

13 Aug, 2022


Ha ha,Stera, luckily it only takes 25minutes,so headed for a cool drink outside,as I took the timer with me :o) .Just had some for tea,after yet another fruit salad,as we went out for a Birthday brunch at lunchtime with our family .We took them half of it,when we picked them up..I presume it was ok,as had no complaints yet ! :o) ..

14 Aug, 2022

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