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January is definitely improving!


Thanks to all your positive comments on my last blog, the month is definitely getting better!

A couple of days of blue skies and bright sunshine really does make all the difference. It lifts my spirits and raises my energy levels and makes me smile.

Today we went to a nearby garden centre which had lovely views of Dartmoor in the distance with snow on the tors.

The plants outside were looking their best as well.

In fact it was SO hot that the elephant there had to cool off!!!

We ended up walking by the river in Okehampton in Simmonds Park. Catkins were coming out and a few snowdrops were in flower.

‘January when it’s sunny and clear,
Is ok I guess for the time of year!!!’

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Pleased to see that you are much more cheerful now Chris!
I like the look of that garden centre!
So..what did you buy then!!
I know you are like me and couldn't resist at least one plant
plus you have lots of space for new plants in your garden!
It's lovely to see blue skies after all the gloomy days and apparently the weather is to get milder.
I must say that I liked the elephant but looks a bit strange in a garden centre! xx

20 Jan, 2023


Nice to know you were able to have an enjoyable day :) It's too icy here to go outside the door.

20 Jan, 2023


Rose you will be surprised to read that no plants were bought today! We went there specifically for wild bird seed! Sorry to disappoint you though!!!

Hywel I hope it will get warmer soon as the risk of icy pavements and roads is not nice at all.

20 Jan, 2023


We've had sunshine here, too, for the last 2 days; absolutely lovely if freezing cold! Your GC looks a good one, W'Rose and who wouldn't go for the views alone? We had a day out today as well and also visited the GC. I need help - I bought 2 more houseplants that I've been looking for....

20 Jan, 2023


Thank you for your colourful blog.

21 Jan, 2023


Looks like a lovely place to spend a few hours wandering around! I'm very surprised you managed to come away without at least one new plant! 😀

21 Jan, 2023


Looks a lovely GC to visit, Chris! It's definitely getting lighter in the evening, so its feeling positive. We've had a few sunny days and big blue skies too, although bitterly cold.
I went to see my friend for lunch yesterday, we walked in to the little town where she luves on the coast...and warmed up quickly. Once you start moving...
At least you bought something while you were there. Chris. Birdseed is definitely a vital purchase 😊

21 Jan, 2023


Glad you enjoyed your viist,Chria, and yes,signs of lighter nights and sunny days ahead,but still got snowy places and Icy sideroads,paths etc,so once they go,so much the better..
I know what you mean about bird seed ,ours are almost demolished as soon as we put them out,same with the Feeders.In fact two pairs of Blackbirds are waiting on the fence for me to draw back the curtains in the mornings,poor things,it's so hard for them at the moment.

I can't believe you didn't buy a plant ,not like you at all,is it? Lol.I hope you didn't buy the Elephant instead !..ha ha.xx.

21 Jan, 2023


I was just going to say that to you too Chris!
I am amazed you resisted temptation!
Maybe it's because I couldn't have come home without something ! lol

21 Jan, 2023


Ange it IS a good garden centre but not my favourite one! It is in a lovely spot though and has a very nice cafe!!

Siris thank you, the extent of the colour outside was quite a surprise!

Kate you do have to keep moving at the moment to keep warm but there are moments when the sun feels quite warm!! Especially when there is no wind.

Oh Sandra your elephant comment really made me laugh!! I did try but he wouldn’t fit in the car!!!

Rose I did actually buy three things from the shop - a ‘New Home’ card, some pretty serviettes with bees and daisies on and a mat for by the front door!!! So no plants but one or two other things instead ……….you and Sandra know me too well!!!

21 Jan, 2023


Sorry,Chris,but this is soo bad,re the Elephant..woudn't he even fit in the Trunk ???? .I'll get my coat.. Lol. xx

22 Jan, 2023


Bloomer that’s dreadful…… we too visited our new local GC…..5 minutes away….. I feel we are heading for the poor house! Just great to get out of the house! the ground is frozen hard…. definitely not gardening weather…no sign of snowdrops as usual….. always late here……. but no frost Hallelujah!!

24 Jan, 2023

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