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Gone a bit over the top for daffodils!!


Our local farm shop, Lifton Strawberry Fields
( chosen the best large farm shop in the UK 2023!)
sells their own daffodils and has been selling them on offer
‘Buy two bunches get a third free!’
As you will see I have not been able to resist that offer each time we have called in!!
The house is full of them!!

Also in the house is a painting of narcissi

There is also a ‘Gardener’s World’ calendar with daffodils on at the moment!

The front of ‘The Garden’ magazine has got them on the front too!!

What will I do in April?!!!
I have just looked at the Gardeners World calendar and it has tulips on – so that’s good!!!

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I also cant resist the 3 for 2 but I split them so I get 11/2 bunches and my daughter who lives locally gets the other half.

4 Mar, 2024


Don't know about the daffs, I find when I go there, I can't resist the steak pies, absolutely full of steak and the pastry is lovely, see they have also opened up a new shop at buckfastleigh

4 Mar, 2024


Sbg that is a lovely idea and I am sure your daughter is very happy to have them.

Davey that made me smile!! Their bakery is wonderful too! I saw the advert about Buckfastleigh and would like me to go there sometime!

Meadowland it is a water colour which I bought at a local auction for next to nothing!

4 Mar, 2024


Daffs are so lovely to have &, as ML says, "You can never have too many!" 😃

I have a few coming up on the balcony as well. Last week the first miniatures started to flower. I'm now waiting for the big ones to flower.

4 Mar, 2024


It must be nice to have so many daffodils around the house.
Are you sure the calendar photo is of them though :)

5 Mar, 2024


Lovely to have so many Daffodils indoors.

Now Chris, I have the GW calendar too, just above my desktop computer so I can see it as I type this. I fear you may need to go to Specsavers as the March photo is of Forsythia! :o))) x

5 Mar, 2024


Balcony your displays are lovely all year round and give us all a lot of pleasure.

Hywel you are absolutely right!! On looking more closely at the calendar picture it is forsythia not daffodils!! Worry not Hywel I get my eyes tested next week - think my cataracts have got worse!!! Thank you.

5 Mar, 2024


Oh Shirley I did realise a few moments ago and chuckled at your comment coz it’s true!! Read what I wrote to Hywel please! At least they are both yellow!! xx

5 Mar, 2024


You can't beat a bunch of daffs, or in your case many bunches, for cheering you up Chris!
You definitely need glasses as there is Forsythia on mine too! lol

5 Mar, 2024


Chris, I'm still smiling at your comment to Hywel!

5 Mar, 2024


Rose I have delayed having this latest eye test so it is my own fault!! I will probably get a telling off from the optician!!
Still I do have my daffodils to cheer me up!!!

5 Mar, 2024


Go and get your eyes tested Chris! That's a telling off from me! x

7 Mar, 2024


Beautiful, who could resist a Daffodil.

7 Mar, 2024


Getting my eyes tested next week Rose!!
Yes Stroller I love to see daffodils growing along the roadside and banks. I prefer them in little clumps than in rows!!

8 Mar, 2024


Chris, I do love your daffodil pics, especially number 2 - they look so big and beautiful!!! You've a lovely mix in all your pics. Love your very pretty narcissus painting too!!!!

10 Mar, 2024


And why ever not? They are so cheerful, and we all need that in March!

24 Mar, 2024

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