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Adverts added to my blog


In my latest blog, adverts have been added in between the photos.
Can you see them too?
If so how do I get rid of them please?

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I use several adblockers in my Firefox browser so don't see them!

12 Apr, 2024


Me, too.

13 Apr, 2024


Using Firefox with ad block, so I do not see any ads in your blog

13 Apr, 2024


I need to know how to get rid of them too Chris.
It's strange as it has only just started to happen appearing inbetween photos and blogs.

13 Apr, 2024


I raised this the other day. I cant seem to sort out an ad blocker on my system. :(

very annoying.

13 Apr, 2024


I added Adlocker two weeks ago as the ads were really getting on my nerves, it now says its not compatible with Firefox, so I'm still seeing the darn ads, didn't tell me that until after it took my money, I also use Edge but it has had no effect on there either, waste of money which I cannot get back, the adverts have been popping up across the bottom of my pages each time I log on for months, today they are coming up in the middle of everyones posts.....I gave up on writing my blog as I thought it was just mine....

13 Apr, 2024


I can't see any adverts.

14 Apr, 2024


Yes me too, all I can see are adverts Wildrose, its driving me mad also.

14 Apr, 2024


Annoying for me too. What to do I don’t know. Makes one inclined to go off line altogether. Also people these days ask for feed back for every little thing, like buying one small item off eBay, or visiting Nat. Trust property., eg. I wish I’d never given my email address anywhere except to friends.
It’s not always that easy to unsubscribe either. What do you think?

16 Apr, 2024


Other than Adblock+ you could also try uBlock Origin. It's very effective & uses very little system resources so won't slow down your browsing at all!

If you use Firefox you can install both/either of these programmes for free.

16 Apr, 2024


There is even an advert in this now! It is SO irritating but thank you for your helpful advice on here.

17 Apr, 2024


I understand that to keep this gardening community on line ads are needed to finance it, so that it will remain free, but they can be very intrusive at times - as the comments on here make clear.

18 Apr, 2024

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