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Big Sisters are the Best.


This time last week I had a day that went from bad to better & then Great, thanks to my big Sis.

Thats her on the left, my lovely big Sis who looks after us all (im the cute one on the right) & middle is our wild flower!

I woke with a horrible headache, it was raining & my little Ralf (affenpinscher) had a black (I think) eye.
I say “think” because he is black by nature but he had banged it whilst trying to get out the way of Willi beating up my Beardie Fred (Willi hates Fred).
Anyway, so Ralfs eye was swollen, my head was hurting & outside was awful, so we went back to bed.

Waking up 4hrs later, headache gone, Ralf hungry, rain stopped, thats better. We got up had brunch & went outside to see the garden.

So nice out there now so I took a few pics…..

£1 shop Shrubs.

Alpine Trough.


Cherry Tree.

Chilli Plants.

Nice clear Pond.

Dicentra (from the £1 shop last year)

I love the Forest Flame when it goes this colour.



Labelia (first time growing it)

Lily Trees (2nd year for these)

Water feature bought at Newbury show.

Pineberries (can’t wait)


My “Simply Sally” Rose.

Strawberry plants from last years runners.

Kind of tidy GH.

Tomato plant, from my Uncle David.

Aquilegia “Winky Blue”

My Fav yellow rose. Had it about 7 yrs, dont know the name but its Beautiful.

Wellies from £1 Shop. Well they had 4 different designs!

Went down the village to get some milk & saw this in the window of the bits & bobs shop, Whoops!

Ralfy feeling a bit better so showing you the little chair I want to eventually cover with Semps.

Then I went indoors to download photos when the phone rang….
Big Sis – Hello.
Me – Hello.
Big Sis – Are you going to Chelsea?
Me – No booked Malvern instead.
Big Sis – Do you fancy going? My bank just offered me 2 free tickets.
Me – Yes Yes Yes! Count me in.

What a day, Bad to Better to Blooming Great!!!

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That sounds like a really great day Willi. Ralphi looks really pleased with himself too in the last photo. All your plants are looking really healthy, so that in itself is something to smile about. I like the Winky blue. What a nice Sister to get you tickets for Chelsea, you're in for a really good time, what with Malvern as well. Ive not finished reading the catalogue yet but there will be loads of shopping to do!

3 May, 2012


Sorry PoppyL but Ralf has asked me to correct you on the spelling of his name, He is German so best to get it right, Lol.

3 May, 2012


ooops sorry Ralfi! dont let Willi (the dog) bully you, hope your eye is feeling better. Just noticed - is that the new watering can then Willi? It looks flat on one side, is it for watering or hanging on the wall as a planter?? Its pretty...

3 May, 2012


Lots better now Auntie R x lick x

Its just for hanging on the wall. Its a post box & has a door on the front so I may be able to plant something in there & let it trail from there.

3 May, 2012


lovely to see our photos Willinilli hope his eye is better :)) and headaches are horrid !

Garden's looking lush - the rocks and slate bits sticking up is pretty - my favourite type of planting with alpines and any plants between rocks - can't quite tell is it an ajuga in there ? Astilbe looks fab too - bought one last week from a popular hardware store with big orange writing ;)) Is yours a fanal type ?

also your pond is so clean nice one there - we have no kind of filter anymore just rely on oxygenators - we have the corkscrew grass! Looks a pretty stripy horsetail type plant in there -

our bleeding hearts gave up now on a permo winter - and do love pieris too for its colour

is the herb choc mint ? one of my favs :)))))) with thyme too - very nice!

lovely plants and water feature - a garden is lost without one :))

all looking great for you :)))))))))))

4 May, 2012


Oh you did start 'in the wars' but your plants look wonderful......much further on than mine.......its been so cold and grey here for so long.....

I haven't got any siblings but lots of cousins, one I,m particularly close to, we grew up next door to each other.......families can be wonderful xxx

4 May, 2012


Great blog and pics,Willinilli..a lovely family photo too.:o)
Some smashing plants there,and a lot of work pricking out those Lobelia's ! are a glutton for punishment aren't you ?
Glad to hear Ralf is looking better..and how lucky to be going to Chelsea as well,wish I was going the watering can :o)

4 May, 2012


Well impressed with all your plants.Enjoy the shows

4 May, 2012


I'm going to Chelsea too, hooray, my 1st time ever. Your plants are fab.Nilli. everything looking soooooo lush. That is a problem at the moment lots of lush green and their flowers just waiting for some warmth and sunshine. That was kind of your big sis (love photo) to think of you, you will have a fun day out I'm sure. Great blog.

4 May, 2012


Great blog, your plants are looking really good, and what a wonderful day in the end. Chelsea. Enjoy it.

4 May, 2012


Aren't sisters wonderful!! every thing looks beautiful especially winky blue ........seems to be a bit of a welly thing going on there methinks, they are cute though ...
so glad your day got better love your pics:))
enjoy Chelsea .............

4 May, 2012


Good Morning everyone & thanks for your lovely comments :-)

Hi paul, yes it is Ajuga, PoppyL told me it likes to spread out & it has grow alot since this photo. I believe the Astilbe's are fanal type cos one is deep pink (red) the other a lighter pink.
We cleared the pond out the other week as we only had the fountain filter & that wasnt enough, so now it has a big filter to keep it clear so I can see my fishes.
That is Black peppermint, Apple balm & Apple mint & thyme.

Hi Pam weathers not too good here either but plants have liked the rain.
I too have a fav cousin, he is VERY nice, but I was always told when growing up that I could'nt marry him, Lol.

Thanks Bloomer, I'm not pricking that lot out, they shall be planted in little clumps, haha.
Excited about Chelsea, always said I would'nt go because of the crowds but if its free whats a girl to do!

She is a lovely sister Homebird. GH not so tidy now, Lol.

Coming from you Brian, that is a real complement, I thank you :-)

My 1st time too Grandmage, Ha we are both Chelsea virgins! What day you going?

Thanks Cinders, we are gonna take a picnic :-)

Well some are Niverdeen! No really our Wild Flower is beautiful in her own way.
When my OH saw the wellies lined up he said "what you gone & brought now!" but he likes them too.

4 May, 2012


I,ve been to chelsea twice, the second time we arrived as the gates opened /(its early!) And made for the big marquee,. We wandered around and saw everything easily, then outside when it began to get crowded and spent time around the lovely gardens........this time we left just after lunch as it began to get really busy, it was an early start but so worth it!

4 May, 2012


Hi Nilli I'm going on the 24th. my son and girlfriend got them for a pressie. Pam. might take that leaf from your book and go early too!

4 May, 2012


Good advice Pam think I will go early too.
Grandmage we are going on the 24th as well. Will you be the one in the Pimms tent? Lol.

4 May, 2012


Ooooooh no far too expensive!! I will probably be looking at things to buy etc. and admiring the gardens!! Lol

4 May, 2012


Enjoyed looking round your garden Willinilli. ALL your plants look lovely and healthy you must spend a lot of time out there after looking after and walking the dogs! I love your alpine garden - I had one in a previous house, but had to leave it behind when we moved:( It was too heavy and we were putting the house into storage - so sadly not a good idea.
Have enjoyed your blog very much :o)

5 May, 2012


You did have a good reason for getting out of bed then! I love your water feature and what do pine berries taste like as I've never heard of them.

7 May, 2012


Hi Rose, I dont know I've never tasted them either but can't wait to try them :-)

Thanks Tracey, I want another Alpine trough now, I love them.

7 May, 2012


Well you will have to let me know, when you do!

10 May, 2012


Some lovely plants ther Willi, just taking a look at your piccies and blogs, lovely to meet you yesterday had a great time, :^))

12 May, 2012


Thanks Daylily it was a good day wasn't it.

12 May, 2012

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