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A Day Out At "Great Comp".


Great Comp is a 7 acre garden near to where I live, so to try an curb our spending at GC’s, PoppyL & I desided to go & have a look around.

The day started with a light lunch.

Here is PoppyL with dreams of grandure.

Just inside the gate there is a little nursery selling plants from the curators larger nursery next door.
But we were good & just looked, no buying, not that there was alot left after the weekend.

There are lots of ruins in the garden which add to its charm. I think they are from an old church. And rumour has it that sometimes the ghost of an old nun can be seen wailing at a barred window.

Here are some pics of the planting. There was a big clear up going on as the weather has brought down branches & flatened plants, but it was lovely with winding paths taking us around the outside woodland part of the garden.

PoppyL said she would pose for a piccy of this lovely monument but I know she just needed a sit down.

Into the more formal parts of the garden there are lots of old walls & stone that make for excellent planting backdrops.

Some of the plants I really loved.

The path leading to the Italian Garden.

Some funny little flowers that PoppyL went mad about.

In the walled garden where you could sit for a cuppa, there was a Goy wall of fame. Im mentioning no names… Lol.

PoppyL started sulking cos she was hungry, Again!, so we went to the adorable little tea room.

There were new & preloved things for sale, it was so quaint. They had to throw us out at closing time & after having trouble finding the way out we found the gate locked & had to climb out! Lol.

There you go PoppyL, I said I would get it done in the end. We had a great day.
DownDerry Lavender watch out, were coming to you next!

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thats a great blog willi, what a lovely place, the woodland area is so beautiful, loved the GoY wall of fame and of course the tea shopSSS!!!

4 Jul, 2012


Excellent blog its great when Goy friends meet up Willi

4 Jul, 2012


Hello Willi ..
Great fun day out for the two of you, and a wonderful set of photos. I love the pics of the arches. :o)

4 Jul, 2012


Brilliant Willi, looked like a lovely day and what a great garden it is too. I loved the wall of fame too, brill, I also tried putting names to them Lol!! think I am the last one, looking a bit confused! Lol Delightful shop and the food looked good. Glad you had a nice day.

4 Jul, 2012


Great blogging Willi

Looks like you both had a good time, fab gardens.

4 Jul, 2012


Great blog Willi, love it all really, especially Poppy posing. Looks like you had a really lovely fun day.

4 Jul, 2012


A great day out by the looks of your pictures Willi, love the ones of the planting round the stone walls and steps.
Nice to see you didn`t go hungry.!

4 Jul, 2012


Great blog. Do those giant hostas attract giant snails?? lol. Had to laugh at the end when yous were locked in and had to climb out!

4 Jul, 2012


i thought that was funny too sheila!

4 Jul, 2012


Thanks all, we did have a great day. I think PoppyL has got used to my sense of humour now, either that or she is a gluten for punishment, Lol.

See you all in a few days, Im off camping at the Peterborough showground for the championship dog show. Not showing just meeting up with old friends.
Agricultural show on too so should be fun.
Taking my little Willi with me :-)

Behave yourselves & I will catch up with you all Sunday.

4 Jul, 2012


have a great time willi, btw i dont know about you but that ghost in your photos looks remarkably fit and well [and familiar]

4 Jul, 2012


Thats a beautiful place willi! the ruins amongst the plants looks great! i think the funny little flowers are called turks hats, lilies i think anyway. :o)

6 Jul, 2012


Simply Brilliant Willi! Looks like a great day and nice to see you Poppylover!
Have fun camping and I promise to behave until your return ;) Can't speak for the rest of this lot though!

6 Jul, 2012


Loved your blog Willi, fantastic place and it's not often people get to see me on the wall of fame. For those who don't know me, I'm the last solo pic...yes the one with the inane grin:-) Did you buy any of those lovely shabby chic things? Just think...If I had been with you..I could have spilt stuff on it and you could have bought it very cheaply then:-))

7 Jul, 2012


Hi everyone, Im back!

Ha Ha Sticki, must of just been her tummy grumbling then, there was strange noises coming from behind them bars! Lol.

Hi LL, it really does set it off with the walls & ruins.

Hello Lil, I have yet to look through any blogs to see who has been good or bad, but I know which ones I will be checking first! Lol.

\o/ BA, so glad you didnt mind people seeing you on the wall of fame. As I said I wouldnt mention any names but if Goyers are willing to own up then thats great.
I dont think I did buy anything in there but PoppyL did, a nice little cupcake thingy. Some of the preloved things were really nice :-)

8 Jul, 2012


nice to see you back!

8 Jul, 2012


Thanks Sticks, had a great time, weather not too bad, & of course done a bit of shopping :-)

8 Jul, 2012



8 Jul, 2012


Not sure how to say this Willi...........think we were all very well behaved while you were away..?? ;)))

8 Jul, 2012


Thats only because you were all warned, nothing to do with my absence, Lol.

8 Jul, 2012


What a wonderful place! Thanks so much Willi . . . you took some lovely photos there (specially love all those grasses) :))

10 Jul, 2012


Hi Sheila, they had some lovely grasses there, dotted all around. If I had a big enough garden, I would love a whole section of just grasses :-)

11 Jul, 2012


They are fabulous, aren't they Willi. If you want a drool, have a look at the Knoll Gardens website . . . !

11 Jul, 2012


Wow, who'd of thought you could just have a garden of grasses, so many types, colours, textures, just amazing.

11 Jul, 2012


What a lovely place willi, your pics are brill. Lord, the blog must have taken you ages to put together, but I'm glad you did. Jx

12 Jul, 2012


Thanks Jane, it was a lovely place, so near but never been there before :-)

12 Jul, 2012


❀ :-)

12 Jul, 2012


Hiya Lil' Willi! How could I have missed this brilliant blog of yours!! I wondered why you were taking photos of all those faces on the wall. If were naming names, its definately you in the first photo!! I didnt know you were taking half those photos. Wasnt the little tearoom gorgeous, just like my old grannys sitting room - loved it! Im supposed to be doing Downderry blog arent I??? - better get my skates on!!

29 Jul, 2012


Cheeky! I'll set Ramekin on you, Lol.
Yeah wheres the Downderry blog? bet you've just been laying out in the garden soaking up the sun :-)

30 Jul, 2012


Hheeehhheeehheee, yeah I found an old bottle of Pimms in the back of the cupboard. Just the thing in this hot weather. Not much gardening being done at moment!! btw Ramekin will love me!

31 Jul, 2012

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