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I had my first egg for breakfast this morning, & very nice it was too.

Here is the preparing & cooking of my first chooky egg.

I am pleased to announce that Carrots is back on the nest as I type (!#?@!) so excited.

Also have my first bud on my waterlily.

And a butterfly has been fluttering around the garden all morning.

Happy Days :-)

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And was it eggxcellent it looks lovely, so yellow. :0)

9 Aug, 2012


What sort of grandma are you lol? What did you do with all those leftover soldiers?:-)

9 Aug, 2012


It did look yummy, hope you enjoyed it Willi. Lovely pic. of your water lily, wonder what its colour is?

9 Aug, 2012


They are obviously for the next egg Ba - or do you think she was being a bit too eggstravagant!
Lovely blog Willie. Jx

9 Aug, 2012


Happy, HAPPY days :))

9 Aug, 2012


Too many 'soldiers', ha ha.

9 Aug, 2012


A moment to be savoured, Willi! :))

but...that's just what I was going to say, Diane...
...did Carrot enjoy them later, I'm wondering...? :D

9 Aug, 2012


Runny boiled egg and soldiers....favourite food when I'm feeling crap!!! I do agree over did the soldiers :))

9 Aug, 2012


Good old carrots - you said she would be the first to lay! I bet that first egg tasted wonderful. Next time I visit Ill bring some egg boxes, looks like youre going to need em!!

9 Aug, 2012


I bet you boiled another egg,to use up the soldiers,Willi..or put some jam/marmalade on them :o)
Glad Carrots came up with the goods :o)

9 Aug, 2012


Hi everyone, I've been out for a tea party :-)

It was lovely Pam, so yummy.

Hi BA, Jane is right I did have a shop bought one after & all soldiers were consumed, Lol.

Very yummy GM. I think the waterlily is yellow.

Thanks jane, its all very exciting this chook business is'nt it :-)

Very happy days Sheila :-))))

I never waste food Diane, all was eaten up, yum yum :-)

No Karen, Carrots likes her mealy worms & my tomato plants! Lol.

Agree Scottish, love this for breakfast. Other soldiers were eaten with a common old egg which was'nt shown in the blog, I wanted Carrots egg to have the limelight, Lol.

She's my girl PoppyL :-) Dont need any boxes, Im gonna eat them all, Lol.

9 Aug, 2012


Hi Bloomer, you know it, no waste here :-)

Forgot to mention that Carrots did lay another egg today which I very kindly gave to my dad.
Now I have orders for 1 tomorrow for my son & 1 on Saturday for OH when he gets home!
Poor old Carrots, Lol.

9 Aug, 2012


Lol! Not much pressure there, then...

...Carrots! Put your wings over your ears, sweetie! lol! ;))) x

9 Aug, 2012


A big "Well Done" to Carrots! Seeing your egg has made me peckish... Perhaps I should have an egg for breakfast...?!

10 Aug, 2012


We had boiled egg mayo and watercress rolls for lunch....yummy too...

heres a bit of maths.....
My neighbour has 5 hens
Each lays an egg a day
How many eggs a week does she get?

Answer is : enough to give me a dozen \0/ yay!

10 Aug, 2012


My sort of maths Pam:-))

10 Aug, 2012


I think she feels very special Karen, being the only one laying :-)

Very good play on words Tracey ;-) Everyone should have an egg for brekky.

Your very lucky Pam, but I think you should get some chooks & enjoy that side of it too :-)

BA did you ever get your eggs into the house without breaking them! Lol.

10 Aug, 2012


I googled your chooks, Willi...and your Black Rocks look very like what we call Marans. Lovely girls...and fabulous eggs!

I'm still waiting, though... :)

10 Aug, 2012


No thanks Willi....not fond of handling feathers.........:0)

10 Aug, 2012


You have a whole army of soldiers there Willinilli!

12 Aug, 2012


They do look abit like the Marans dont they Karen. I think she will be the next to start laying.

Pam I used to hate birds flapping round me, but since I started feeding the birds in the garden & they are flying around all the time when im out there, I have got used to it. The chooks are so soft & getting tamer everyday.

They have been in the back garden now & they come into the kitchen. My son thinks thats disgusting & shoo's them out, Lol.

Lulu, I am a growing girl, I need lots of soldiers, Lol.

Carrots has layed everyday now since Wednesday. Its so funny cos I have to wait until she's done before I can clean out the coop.

12 Aug, 2012


Does she cluck when she lays?

13 Aug, 2012


Yes a little Lulu, not like she's in real pain. Then she comes running back out to the garden & is full of herself, Lol.

13 Aug, 2012


My daughter is feeding her neighbours chooks while they're on holiday. I went with her to lock them up for the night after we'd been to Bridgnorth ....they were evil! They can't see anything shiny without pecking sharply at it, in this case my varnished toes as I was wearing sandals .... Very painful it was too. Made me appreciate foxes lol. They had laid two eggs, the shell of one was green? Boo laid them both on the ground as we rounded up the evil ones. She stood on an egg ...she's her mothers daughter ...I just stood in wet muck which oozed under my toes yeugh!:-)

13 Aug, 2012


Mine arn't evil BA, I suppose it depends how much time you spend with them.
Ive heard of breeds that lay bluey green eggs, can't remember what ones though.

I can just imagine the two of you, lol, someone should film you, lol.

13 Aug, 2012


Oh sweet, I miss our chooks.

14 Aug, 2012


Her neighbour has young grandchildren who live there and play by them unchecked so the chooks are always stressed:-( Didn't really mean they're evil lol. Since they've been on holiday, Boo tells me they've doubled their daily egg output. I know the eggs you mean Willi, I buy them sometimes, but the ones I've had are more of bluey green than these, these are actually greeny green. I'll have to google and see which breed lays properly green eggs:-)

15 Aug, 2012


Breaking news!!!!
Gerty laid her first egg today, it was smaller than Carrots first one, but nice hard shell with little speckles on it.

Carrots has still been laying everyday & her eggs are almost up to full size.

They just wander all around the garden mingling with the dogs & cat, so sweet, I love em! :-)

My chooks are certainly not stressed BA, in fact I think they are taking over, lol.
If I do shut them in the side yard, they peck at the gate or on the dogroom door asking to come in the garden.
Whenever I go to the cupboard where the mealy worms are kept they go beserk!

Dont think I fancy green eggs BA :-Q

15 Aug, 2012


Boo still hasn't eaten it Willi, and there was another green one too. They've eaten all the others though. My chickens weren't bothered by my hord of dogs plus 1 cat .... I almost said they ruled the roost ...but just stopped myself:-)

16 Aug, 2012


Ps, Boo has now fallen in love with the evil ones who have become calm and friendly ....wants to take them home with her:-)

16 Aug, 2012


Dont blame her for not eating it :-Q
Tell her to chicknap them, it sounds like they need some calm in their lives.
Boo could sing to them, they would love that. I have set up a CD player by the coop, & I play tranquil music to them in the morning when they get up & then again when they go to bed, Lol.

I really can't believe how well they get on with the dogs. It was so funny today, I was calling them back to the coop with a bribe of mealy worms so the dogs were coming too & Carrots hopped on Ralfs back & rode him round to the coop, Lol, it was so funny!

16 Aug, 2012


I would love to see photos of that Willinilli!

17 Aug, 2012


Brilliant!. What was that tv programme with david jason as Pop'll haunt me now! Thats what the dog riding hen reminded me of....

Well done Gerty!. wonder who'll be next?

17 Aug, 2012


Wish I'd got one Lulu, maybe it will happen again :-)

Darling Buds of May Pam, Oooh dont say that, my OH thinks the gerden is turning into a farmyard already!
Just trying to work out where the goats could go, Lol.

17 Aug, 2012


Ah! Thankyou Willi!

Hmm goats, before the neighbours we have now were a couple who kept goats, they had to fence the field to 6'high or they ate their way through the hedge and could jump the gate from a standing start.....just because they could you see and to check what was cooknig in the kitchen.....didn,t like grass but ate most other things and hated getting wet, curious creatures .....

17 Aug, 2012

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