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Plumeria Seedlings


Last year a friend recommended starting some plumerias from seed, to build up a collection that was inexpensive. I’ve had more failures than successes but its a learning experience. I’ve tried several methods recommended by the Plumeria Society. When I first received some plumeria seeds I soaked them in water and peroxide overnight and then they were planted in soil the next day. Out of my first batch of seeds, only two survived, so my friend sent me some more seeds. An unexpected rainstorm soaked that batch and they all rotted.

I tried a different method, I got a plastic deli container and filled it with spring water and peroxide, then I put a small aquarium heater in the water, which kept the temperature at 75-80 degrees. I then cut up a piece of styrofoam and made little slits in it to place the seeds in. The styrofoam floated and within a week some of the seeds developed roots. I planted those and I got 5 to survive. Not good success but better than my previous attempts. My oldest seedlings are 9 months old. They had a rough winter because I had an infestation of white flies (I don’t know where they came from) This year A friend sent me more and 12 out of 20 sprouted, these are 3 months old now. I just kept them in a plastic container and opened it up during the evening to air out the container. I also received several Tillie Hughes seeds from a friend. I only got 1 to survive. It turned out to be an albino, but, there was just enough green to keep it alive and now it has its first set of true leaves. I think it may have stayed in the seed coat too long. I’m going to received some more plumeria seeds from a friend and this time I’m going to try floating them in styrofoam boats like I did in the past. I think a lot of the seeds that rotted did so because the potting soil was too heavy. Next time I’ll add more perlite since plumerias need a lot of drainage. The seedlings that I have now, get a light misting of liquid seaweed and they seem to love it. Hopefully I will have better success. I also planted my 3 year old plumeria in the ground. It has yet to bloom, but its current location gets plenty of sun and heat. I’m hoping being in the ground will help it bloom, I’m checking for an inflo everyday lol. The first picture is the albino seedling. It looks kind of bad, but its still alive

3month old seedlings

9 month old seedlings

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