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My Epiphyllums


Until last year, I didn’t really know anything about epiphyllums. I was surprised to see one in package or dragon fruit cuttings a gardening member sent. I planted it in soil, and I didn’t know it had to callus over for a week or two before planting. He ended up sending me more and I planted those in soil too. It was early spring so the constant rain caused several cuttings to rot. After a couple of months of waiting, the cuttings sprouted new growth. Once summer came around, the cuttings grew incredibly fast. I ended up giving the plants several haircuts because the stems were getting tangled.
After giving away several cuttings to friends, I decided to grow them in hanging baskets.
I got some more epi cuttings from a friend. He sent me various colors, and even after letting them callus for a couple of weeks, some still rotted. I think it may have been because it was late in the year. One variety (German Empress) Completely rotted, even after I cut the rotting parts out and let it callus over again. He told me GE was one of the more difficult epis to root. Anyways I still have a NoID red, Alter Ego, Shingleton, Rose Queen, and an Heirloom one that has a fuchsia bloom. I tried several potting mixes, and the epi hybrids seem to enjoy the potting mix that I have now, which has orchid bark and lots of perlite in it. It drains very well. It will probably be a long time until I see blooms, but epis are very interesting plants to grow.

Here is a picture of my Epi hybrids that I staked up with 2’ stakes and velcro used for plants. I’ll use tomato cages once the epis grow larger. I also wanted to post pictures of my three Epiphyllum Oxypetalum plants in hanging baskets. All of the epis seem to enjoy the high humidity and dew points.

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Brilliant ! Really interesting. A great love of plant life and the patience to keep trying.

17 Jun, 2012


Thanks Diane. I'm definitely learning to be more patient and do more research about epiphyllums and other plants. I'm going to try another potting soil recipe to see if I get better results.

17 Jun, 2012


Oh that's a wonderful blog :o) I am a cactus fanatic ! and I love epis. I haven't got any now, but I am going to get some for next year.
They probably like the orchid soil because they grow naturally like orchids do ... as epiphytes on branches of trees.
I would be very interested to see more photos of your epis when they flower :o)

17 Jun, 2012


Thanks Hywel! Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of the blooms next year if all goes well. Epis are definitely a must have plant because the blooms are incredible. I gorw a few other cacti and succulents as well, I have Eurphorbia Trigona, Thanksgiving cactus, an Easter cactus, an aloe vera plant, and some assorted cactus that I grew from seed.

17 Jun, 2012


That's wonderful. I've got lots of cacti. I've been collecting them since I was a teenager.

17 Jun, 2012


Wow, I really like cacti, I just don't have enough lighting in my house to grow them. One succulent that I would love to grow is jade plant, I've even seen variegated jade plants around here.

17 Jun, 2012


I've got a variegated one. I bought it last year. I keep my cacti in cold frames in summer, and in the conservatory for winter ... Pitty you haven't got somewhere to grow them.

17 Jun, 2012


I have to crowd my houseplants in front of 2 south facing windows. Most of the windows in my house are on the north side which is shaded by cedar trees. In winter all of my houseplants look pitiful but as soon as I put them outdoors in spring they just love it. One day I want to install a shop light so I can grow them in the darker rooms.

18 Jun, 2012


My cousin has taken a cutting from a RED epi. but the cutting has bloomed pink/orange - does any one know why this would be ?

4 Jul, 2013


I wish I knew Nan. Maybe there was a mixture of epi cuttings in the same container?

5 Jul, 2013

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