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Grow your Own: Growing from Seed (Toms) Pt.2


By winko8


Hi all, it’s been a long-time since I’ve updated this blog….. However, as you can see I’ve have great success with growing from seed… today’s

• Tomato Variety : Sun cherry and Tomarvellous
• Compost: John Innes No.2
• 8” Plastic pots
• Feed: Tomorite

The Toms have been a great success so far…… as you can see, plenty of fruit I only have a small space to grow so it’s important to keep the vines under control, the plants are well over 5 feet. The weather has not been ideal down here in London but I should have a decent Crop this year. Variety produce small cherry size Toms, my wife, and I have just started to pick the ripe fruits this week.

Anyone growing Toms is ready for the guarantee onslaught of pests and disease. So far, I have avoided the dreaded Blight and Aphid attack. Last year I use various insecticides to combat the attack of aphids. This year, one a week I have sprayed with a home made insecticide which is a diluted solution of Garlic, washing up liquid and hot chilli. It’s seems to be working but only time will tell….

This year I’m going to take cutting, hopefully I will be able to produce more crops for next year…… watch this space

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