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solomans seal

Added on 18 Aug, 2008 | 0 photos

I've got this in a very damp shady and a bit windy area. Its new in the ground at the beginning of the sea...

Chinese Gooseberry

Added on 30 Aug, 2008 | 0 photos

Genus: Actinidia.
Species: Actinidia kolomikta.

It is planted in a very windy area in the garden with biting cold and wind during the winter. I hope it survives...


Added on 16 Aug, 2008 | 0 photos

Genus: Echinacea.
Species: Echinacea purpurea.

Placed this in my back border, it is its first season and I hope it overwinters well.


Added on 16 Aug, 2008 | 0 photos

Genus: Hibiscus.
Species: Hibiscus syriacus.

I bought this yesterday and have yet to plant it, its the blue variety and cant remember the name till i plant i...