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I just received my seed order today. I am so excited, I order from an organic seed co in New Mexico, although according to their catalog they have seed farms all over the US. This order is for my warm weather garden, so I purchased bush beans called Blue Lake, this is the same variety I grew last year and it did really well so I’ll stick with it.
I decided to go with a larger variety of Eggplant so I chose Imperial Black Beauty, which is an older variety that is about 6-8 inches and is supposed to be real good for making Eggplant Parmesan. Yum!
I chose a new variety of Basil called Poppy Joe’s which I’m hoping will be more resistant to rot, that was a problem last year.
I will also try 3 chili peppers this year, the Jalapeno, the Cayenne and a new one the Ancho.
I am also going to try a completely new(for me) leaf green called Large Leafed Purslane. Similar to the decorative one I put in my little brown teapot, but larger and supposedly tasty with lots of Vitamin C. These will all be on the upper patio in the full sun.
I will, of course still have the cooler weather plants on the lower patio now covered by the “greentent”. This gets less direct sun during the summer so is good for cooler weather plants on into mid summer. They are Little Finger Carrots, Rhubarb Chard, Calabrese Broccoli, Lacinato Kale, Viroflay Spinach, Winter Density Leaf Lettuce and Little Gem Romaine Lettuce. The Kale, Chard, and Carrots are new this year and I have high hopes for them. I use the Square foot method which allows for a lot of plants in a small space. I’ll try to do another blog on this method later. Have posted 3 new photos of the seedlings and the slug traps in the greentent!

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HEY! Where are the flower seeds? Didn't you order ANY at all? lol.

I hope they all grow and thrive for you - you should be eating well this year!

27 Jan, 2009


Well done, Wohlibuli.
This a very interesting blog.
I'm really pleased you're planning to take up my recent request and write a blog about the Square Foot method of growing. Thank you. :o)
I find this a fascinating idea.

Please keep us posted this year on the progess of your planting. And, as Spritz suggests ~ room for a few flowers somewhere ?..... or are those huge prize lettuces you grew last year taking up every 'square foot' of growing space. LOL

28 Jan, 2009


Wow! Great Blog Wohlibuli iv never seen this b4 its all new 2 me :) Well Done :)

28 Jan, 2009


Hi all,
You make it seem like so much work M, but with this method it isn't really. We really like having all the fresh produce so I just decided I would grow it myself!
As for flowers, I sort of have to sneak those in under his nose, he will construct the boxes for me as long as I grow eatables, so I will replant some of the sunflower and zinnia seeds I collected from last year and hope he doesn't notice until they start to bloom!
Ha Ha prize lettuces! All I really want is tasty!
Thanks for all the comments and support. You will be hearing from me many times as the season progresses. You have all been a big help!

28 Jan, 2009

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