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Daylilies 5


Another round of daylilies. They are opening very well, and the pollen is developing before the sun hits most of the flowers. Once the sun does touch them, they warm up very fast and start secreting stigmatic fluid, which means pollination occurs soon after.
Having had a chance to settle in, some of the named daylilies are looking very good.
Big and bold is ‘Vertigo’. It is a 12" TET, so hard to miss:

For a complicated eye zone pattern, there is ’Jane’s Pink and Blue’:

And for a bi-color, there is a DIP, "Arno’s Bow Tie’:

I have a bi-tone that opened today, Marseilles Watercolor x El Aventura. I was trying to put a simple edge on a flower that has an eye, but no edge effect. Instead, it turned red with a watermark and pink sepals:

Also opening for the first time is [(Better Lucky Than Good x Hippie Crash Pad) x Michigan Nikki]. I used a bright orange with red eye as pod parent, but it took after the pollen parent, but more round:

One that I really like is (Carpathian Cavalier x Neighborhood Watcher). This is A DIP using one that I registered last year as the pollen parent. No idea where the applique throat came from.:

I did make a mistake by not down loading some photos and immediately labeling them, so I am waiting for a flower to bloom again so I can ID it. Relying on memory just isn’t going to happen, anymore.:

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Your patience is amazing. How long does it take from seedling to flowering? You must have stacks of notes to record all the parentages. Those frilly edges are lovely.

31 May, 2018


They are always beautiful. You have the touch, Wylie.

31 May, 2018


Oh Wylie, what beautiful day lilies. Guess you will be collecting seeds next month/July ready for the next planting?

Difficult to say which one I like best. Are they scented?

31 May, 2018


Thanks! It really doesn't take long for flowers. The seeds I collect this year will be started in January, planted out in March & April, and while I may get a few flowers in the fall, the following spring most will be in bloom.
It may seem like the record-keeping might be tedious, but I found softwear at that allows me to track everything. It is easy to use and you can track when a flower was pollenated, the other flower used, when harvested, started, where planted. And you can add photos. Then if you want several generations back of a cross, it will give that as well. It can be used for daylilies, lilies, roses, hostas and iris; as well as all the other plants in the garden. There is also great tech support. I got help on how to move the program from my old computer to this one. I had to ask for dummy instructions, and it was explained in full.
While there are many that are scented, it isn't a trait I am particularly fond of - I find daylily scent a bit sharp. So the only time I check is when I go to register a new one (it is one of the boxes you have to check on the registration form.) It takes about 6-8 weeks for the seed to ripen, and then every evening I am out there checking pods to see which are just starting to open.

31 May, 2018


What beauties and how impressive is that Arno's Bow Tie’ your very clever I would nt know where to start.

31 May, 2018


I like Janes Pink and the last unknown , as yet, one. That record keeping programm sound interesting, I've made a note of that.

31 May, 2018


What great software Stan. Bet you were pleased t find it! I never imagined you would get flowers so quickly.
I thought it would be good for Siris too but see she's got there already!

31 May, 2018


A daylily seedling really needs only about 8 months of growth before it will start to flower, so it happens frequently here. Then I plant them into the ground after they get 4 leaves, which also helps them to flower sooner. I found that putting them into pots for a year really slows them down.

1 Jun, 2018


Gorgeous !, Love Jane's pink and Blue what a pattern !

26 Jul, 2018


Jane's Pink and Blue was one of the new ones last year. I am torn between that and Solar Blue Angel, also by Jane Trimmer.

27 Jul, 2018

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