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Daylily 6


First, I will start with a comparison of 3 seedlings from the same pod, [(Better Lucky Than Good x Hippie Crash Pad) x Michigan Nikki].
The pod parent (Better Lucky Than Good x Hippie Crash Pad) is this:

It is a bright one you might need sunglasses for. I crossed it with ‘Michigan Nikki’, hoping the edge and form would follow:

So, I planted the seedlings in the same section, and the results are interesting:

Similar, but not really.
Then I have taken ‘Emozione’, one that I really like:

And combined it with ‘Angel Fairy Tern x Judge Nancy’:

I have had some good results with (AFT x JN), but later in the season it gets teeth, and I was hoping any offspring would pick that up. The result I have today is this, [Emozione x (Angel Fairy Tern x Judge Nancy)]:

Not to be outdone by any of these, I got one of those WOW flowers I keep hoping for. I took an oldie, but goodie ‘Lines of Splendor’. This is one that has been around since 1993, but has only 3 registered offspring. It is also an evergreen and is rarely out of bloom.

Occasionally there are polymerous flowers, which are notoriously difficult to use, and you hope they will pass that trait on and that it will show up regularly. I got one, and had the chance to use it with Arno’s Bow Tie:

I wanted to cross it with Arno’s Bow Tie because it is a dormant type, and those do not do well in warmer climates. You may also be a little surprised, that in addition to a whole bunch of record keeping, I also keep photos of actual flowers I use in crosses. Any way, the result today is this:

I am hoping it keeps looking this good, and I have made several more crosses using it as pollen parent.

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Wow stunning evey one must admit the fist one you do need sun glasses lol lovely colour clever you getting such beauties from it.

4 Jun, 2018


I really love that crinkly edge on them.
I can see why you are chuffed with the final 'baby'. it is stunning. As for double record keeping, that is what good scientists do. records in as many forms as possible.

4 Jun, 2018


"WOW!" is an understatement. Do love your "offspring".

I take it you don't have cats, or, if you do, that they are kept well apart from your lilies?

4 Jun, 2018


Thanks! When I was in the US Navy, I worked as a Calibration Technician, which has a heavy emphasis on record-keeping and traceability. It is all about, if a plane goes down, then they look at the plane, the equipment that was used to fix the plane, and the equipment that was to fix the equipment that fixed the plane. So I feel really bad when I loose track of a seedlings parentage.
My cats don't really bother the daylilies. While they will run along the paths between rows, they prefer to climb part way up the trees that are windbreaks. I took large plastic bottles and cut the tops and bottoms off, then put them around the young plants so the cats don't go there. As we all know, those bottles are slow to degrade, so I have reused them for years.

4 Jun, 2018


They are amazing. I think the one fourth from the bottom is more attractive than either of the parents - hope you agree as it must be so good to raise a stunner!

4 Jun, 2018


Your last seedling is stunning. Will polymerous flowers be a stable trait on that particular plant?

4 Jun, 2018


I hope it will be stable, but I have only 1 polymerous that is - 'Moose Man'. It takes about 4 years for a seedling to fully settle in.

6 Jun, 2018


Oh wow your Lines of Splendor cross is fabulous ! I love that one always one of the first to start flowering here

26 Jul, 2018


It is also one of the first for me, and it repeats a lot. I made the same cross again this year, and I crossed Arno's Bow Tie with a double I have.

27 Jul, 2018

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