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I have hundreds of daylily scapes, and many have started opening. They looked a real mess yesterday in the rain, but today there are some really nice ones.
BSA#7, which is my ID for one that has lost parentage, and is one of my favorites, has started:

And another old favorite, Star of India x Skeezix:

There are several that didn’t open last year, but are off to an early start this year.
There is [Fun in the Sunshine x (Core Values x Life is a Highway)]:

The pollen parent of its pollen parent is also fully open at 10" across, you can’t miss it.

Then there is, for those who like chartreuse throats, Marseilles Watercolor x Full of Treasure. I don’t really get the green effect Full of Treasure has for its hybridizer, it seems to have passed the green throat on to this one:

Then there my favorite for today, Eder 0009 x Judge Nancy:

The purple Babiana has really opened:

The loquats are nearly ripe. They are really nice to eat as I walk around to see what is open.

Then there is something I either haven’t seen before or really didn’t pay attention to: the seeds of the Bird of Paradise. While I don’t need more of the plants, the free seeds I will get from this means I can practice germinating them – they are really hard to get to germinate, and if I can get it right, I would be able to try starting bananas.

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stunning as usual wylie. they are beautiful. good luck with your germination experiments.

17 Apr, 2019


Like your lost parentage Daylily. Go bananas with your propagation, Wylie!!

17 Apr, 2019


Your day lily's are gorgeous I hope you soon get to enjoy your loquats they sound very tasty. I hope you manage to achieve the germinating and succeed with the bananas..

17 Apr, 2019


The bananas and strelitzia are closely related, and I have tried several times to germinate the seeds, but only succeeded once when I got a Strelitzia Nicolai. Growing the plant is easy - seed germination is very difficult.
Loquats are nicely acidic, but they have a very short shelf life and I have to fight the birds for them. They also set fruit in the fall and grow all winter, so not practical in cold climates.

18 Apr, 2019


Have you thought of throwing a net curtain over your Loquats to prevent the birds having them that what we do here on our fruit or netting.
Yes I can imagine they are very difficult to germinate.

18 Apr, 2019


I could be mistaken but did Star of India appear around 1957? I seem to recall seeing its cost in a catalogue then. A beautiful lily.

18 Apr, 2019


The Star of India is a nice one, I have it planted next to 'Life is a Highway'. It was registered by P. Roberts in 1992.
I haven't regularly pruned the loquat trees, so they have grown fairly tall. I need to get them lower so I can reach the fruit, which can be impossible even with a ladder. I have thought of using weighted soda bottles attached to the limbs to get them to grow down and out.

18 Apr, 2019


Some beautiful daylilies there Wylie. I've only got leaves at the moment. If it's any help I started Strelitzia seeds (bought from New Zealand on e bay) in a tub of damp vermiculite on a radiator. (It was January). I had a success rate of about 75%. For me it's the growing that's the hard part. I don't think they like this dark Victorian cottage, not enough light. The only one I have left is a Nicolae with six leaves. Five about five feet high and one new one growing out at the moment. I gave a friend a couple and in her conservatory they're thriving. I've never thought about bananas.

18 Apr, 2019


Everyone around here has a couple of Strelitzia reginae plants, but the S. Nicolai is rare. Mine has grown to around 20-25' tall and that wide. I almost need binoculars to see the flowers. It is in the ground, and it has proven to be impossible to get a side shoot free - the roots are so deep. It will never be moved, but thrives without any attention.

19 Apr, 2019

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